The Sore Losers en Woody & Paul @ De Groene Engel, Oss

Datum: vrijdag 27 mei 2011
Bands:  The Sore Losers en Woody & Paul
Locatie: De Groene Engel, Oss 

Na mijn eerste ervaring met Woody & Paul tijdens Paaspop te Schijndel, was ik onder de indruk. Deze heren maken een mix van country en blues rock. En die qua samenzang dan ook nog wat doet denken aan Simon & Garfunkel. En dan ook nog van eigen bodem: Eindhoven. Het leek me leuk om ze nog eens live te gaan bekijken, maar dan bij een eigen optreden. Deze gelegenheid deed zich aan in de Groene Engel te Oss. Daar had ik samen met een vriend afgesproken. Bij aankomst was de band nog aan het soundchecken, dus hebben wij nog een drankje gedronken in het café. Een leuke ambiance, met prachtige glas en loodramen erboven. Maar goed nu duik in details waar de lezers waarschijnlijk niet op zitten te wachten. Eenmaal in de zaal kwamen we al snel tot de conclusie dat er niet al te veel publiek was. Gelukkig waren de mensen die er waren uitbundig, dus dat maakte al veel goed.

Face To Face - Laugh Now, Laugh Later - People Like You Records - release 6 juni

Face to Face Vieren hun 20ste verjaardag dit jaar, de band werd geformeerd in 1991 in het kleine stadje Victorville, CA. Face to Face heeft zich ontpopt als éen van de meest invloedrijke bands in moderne Punk Rock. Gedurende de afgelopen twintig jaar heeft de band een reeks van cruciale punk releases vrijgegeven waaronder ‘Don’t Turn Away’ (1992), ‘Big Choice’ (1994), ‘Face to Face’ (1996), ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ (1999),‘Reactionary’(2000), ‘Standards & Practices’ (2001) en ‘How to Ruin Everything’ (2002). Ze zijn regelmatig te horen op de radio met hitsingles zoals 'Disconnected' . Dit voorjaar hoopt Face to Face terug te keren met 'Laugh Now, Laugh Later', een record die bewijst waarom  ze beschouwd worden  als éen van de meest belangrijke punk bands van de laatste twee decennia.


Face to Face is:

·        Trever Keith - vocals, guitar

·        Chad Yaro - guitar, vocals

·        Scott Shiflett - bass, vocals

·        Danny Thompson - drums

Year of the Goat - Lucem Ferre - VŠn Records - out now

“Year of the Goat” erkent dat de 60's en 70's de geboorte zijn van het ware genie van duistere kunst. Het doel is om de tijd af te schaffen en een illusie voor te stellen van sinistere evangeliën met een donkere atmosfeer. Lucem Ferre is Latijns voorde brenger van het licht / De zoon van de woestijn brand / Lucifer”,  Het album bestaat uit vier evangeliën: Of Darkness, Vermillion Wolken, Lucem Ferre en een cover van de Sam Gopal liedje The Dark Lord (oorspronkelijk gezongen door Lemmy) .


Year Of The Goat is:

  • Thomas Eriksson - vocals, guitar
  • Fredrik Hellerström - drums
  • Per Broddesson - guitar
  • Tobias Resch - bass
  • Jonas Mattsson – guitar

Entombed @ Hedon Zwolle

Tonight another great metalnight at Hedon Zwolle. I must say these guys know which acts to book. Together with my companion Peter I travel to Zwolle. We are excited , it’s not every day we gonna see the Death n' Roll pioneers Entombed.

Ofcourse Entombed isn’t the only act tonight. They got two decent bands from the Dutch metal scene tonight as support. The one who got the honor to start this great evening is Erebus



Sadly for them it’s not very busy in Hedon. But no worries they play like they are in a full packed house! With much passion they play their short set of good songs! It isn’t the most original kind of songs, but they are good enough to let me enjoy them! I must say props for the frontman, he knows how to put up a good act. Shame there was not more audience. A decent pit would have been a nice “Thank You” for the opener of this evening.

Next on the bill is Izegrim.


With their brand new album “Code Of Consequences in their pocket, I was anxious to see some songs from this record performed live . Tonight  my  little prayers got answered and the new songs sounds great live! The band made a good progression throughout their existence and you can see and hear, they are one of the better bands out here in Holland at the moment. The show is everything but static. The stage is well used and the audience in the front are fun to watch. The audience need a song or 3 to start a small decent pit but when I look around me  I can see everyone is digging the show ! 

The sound isn't maybe perfect tonight, but they miss their own sound technician, who's on tour with Pestilence at moment. Luckily  this is the only little minor on this decent show.

And now it’s time for Entombed. 


The band comes on stage and it’s a full force start! Wow the sound is so fucking brutal. I love to see after all these years Entombed exist, they haven’t lost any passion. With a big grin and lot of banging they take a spectacular race throughout their entire catalogue. There is no time for a break between the songs to catch some breath. They just keep going and so is the audience. There are a decent amount of people banging and hey with this heat in the venue it’s a nice welcome haha! Tonight there were other big shows in Holland like Amon Amarth, but I'm glad I was at Hedon cause this was one epic show I wouldn't have wanted to miss.

With a big peep in my ears and a big grin on my face , I went fully satisfied towards home!


OVERDRIVE – RESURRECTED INDEPENDENT RELEASE – Released in 2006 (only 500 copies).

Everybody knows (or should know) that social networks can do much harm to your social live. Some people have lost their job because of that one picture they’ve posted on facebook. But for people like me, with a true metal heart, it’s sometimes a present from (metal) heaven. I came in contact with Janne Stark because I wanted to check if there where any copies left from their comeback EP “Resurrected”. He told me that there where only a couple left (from the 500 copies) and I took the bait and bought one of the remaining ones. When I told him that I would be able to write a review for it he was eternally grateful.


  • Per “PerilOz” Karlsson – vocals
  • Janne Stark – guitars
  • Kjell Jacobsson – guitars
  • Kenth Ericsson – bass
  • Kenta Svensson – drums


The album kicks off in high gear with speedy rolling’ guitar riffs and thundering drums. The overall sound for “Back On The Hunt” from Overdrive’s debut album “Metal Attack” shows a lot more power than the original. Also the vocals are upgraded in my opinion. The vocals from Per are easier to the ears and he sings with a much more clearer voice then original singer Pelle Thuresson. But at the time the original album came out I didn’t had any problem with Pelle’s vocals at all.

I can’t deny that I’ve always had a soft spot for their second album “Swords and Axes”. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear the opening riff from “Black Revenge”. This song will send you back to the times where metal was King. Right in the middle you’ll find a new song “Ride The Fire”. The song has a much faster pace and shows what the new Overdrive stands for. Great riffs accompanied with powerful drums and strong vocals. But then you’re in for a real treat. Ordinary cymbal strikes and a doomy bass line that comes straight out of purgatory warms your inner ears but when that mindsplitting guitar riff starts from “Burn In Hell” you’ll turn your head to check if Mr. Lucifer himself is not in the room to escort you to his big fireplace. Man, this is not heavy, but HEAVY metal. When the bass strings start vibrating I seem to have lost control of my muscle movement and my head keeps banging to the rhythm and my feet starts stomping to the beat off the drums. This is by far my favorite track from this EP and to be honest the best Overdrive track overall. The EP closes with the track “Overdrive” that was originally released as a single in 2001. I never heard the original version but it seems that this song forms a bridge between the old and the new material.

I also discovered that singer Per also does an excellent job on the albums from Portrait (review from their latest album is also on this site).



  1. Back On The Hunt
  2. Black Revenge
  3. Ride The Fire
  4. Burn In Hell
  5. Overdrive

An awesome comeback from Janne’s Overdrive this was in 2006. Three classics had been upgraded with a powerful sound and still sounds great. Eat your heart out because this gem is no longer available. But you can ease the pain a little by buying the two later albums “Let the Metal Do The Talking” and the recent “Angelmaker”.




MALEFICE: 'Awaken The Tides' album art and track listing revealed!
MALEFICE, are currently readying to unveil Awaken The Tides, the third full-length from one of the most exciting modern metal acts to come out of the U.K.!

Set for release in Europe on July 15/18 via Metal Blade Records, the 10-track long player was recorded at The Face studios in Reading with drums laid down at Fortress Studios in London. All tracks were mixed and mastered by Justin Hill.

Frontman Dale Butler comments: “And so the time has finally come, we’ve been locked away for 6 months working on this record, a release that’s going to take your fucking head off. We promised something different, a bigger production, and a slightly different look on the genre. We’ve found our sound and it’s going to bring a whole new level to our live show, something we all felt was missing. We’ve come back a new band, confidant and more of a unit than we’ve ever been. This is our next step; make sure you’re around to see it!”

Awaken The Tides Track Listing:
1. Awaken The Tides
2. Delirium
3. Dead in the Water
4. Minutes
5. Baying For Blood
6. Blessed/Cursed
7. The Day the Sky Fell
8. Out Numbered Out Gunned
9. Flood of Red
10. The Haunting

MALEFICE filmed the recording process of Awaken The Tides and created a few 'In the Studio' videos so metalheads could catch a glimpse of the new album. Check out all the studio videos here:

Pre Prod Part 1
Drums Part 2
Guitars Part 3
Vocals and mixing Parts 4 and 5:

In other news, MALEFICE have announced an intimate home town warm-up show prior to their appearance at Download 2011. They’ll play Sub89 in Reading on Wednesday June 8, 2011. Watch out for more dates, preorders, and the first single, all coming soon!

08/06/11 – UK - Reading – Sub89 (+ Xerath)
12/06/11 – UK – Donington Park – Download Festival
12-14/07/11 – Gloucestershier – 2000 Trees

Dale Butler – Vocals
Alex Vuskans – Guitar
Ben Symons – Guitar
Tom Hynes – Bass
Chris Allan-Whyte – Drums 

Swedish folk metallers FALCONER launch second single off their seventh album 'Armod' exclusively via website of German Metal Hammer!

Swedish folk metallers FALCONER have launched their second single 'O, tysta ensamhet' taken off their brand new studio album Armod via German Metal Hammer.

Please surf over to METAL HAMMER to check out 'O, tysta ensamhet'!

FALCONER will release their seventh studio album Armodon June 3/6 via Metal Blade Records in Europe!

The CD features 11 songs completely sung in Swedish and four bonus tracks that are English versions of the band members' favourite new songs.

The four bonus tracks will only be available with the limited first Digipak edition of Armod!

Comments FALCONER guitarist Stefan Weinerhall: "The album is embracing the Swedish folk music to a greater extent than before making it sound slightly more down to earth. The music spans from acoustic songs with cello, flute and fiddle to songs with blast beats and really heavy riffing. As said before this is a one-time-only album and does not define the future sound of FALCONER, but it was about time to pay full notice to the influence that has always made us different. Now we have that out of our system!"

Armod was once again recorded at King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden, during December and January.

Armod track listing:
1. Svarta Änkan 
2. Dimmornas Drottning
3. Griftefrid
4. O, Tysta Ensamhet
5. Vid Rosornas Grav
6. Grimborg
7. Herr Peder Och Hans Syster
8. Eklundapolskan
9. Grimasch Om Morgonen
10. Fru Silfver
11. Gammal Fäbodpsalm

english bonus versions (only available on limited first edition digipak!):
1. Black Widow
2. Grimborg
3. By The Roses´ Grave
4. O, Silent Solitude 

Mathias Bladh - Vocals
Stefan Weinerhall - Guitars
Jimmy Hedlund - Guitars
Magnus Linhardt - Bass
Karsten Larsson - Drums 

R.I.P. Twan Fleuren

Op de site van Legions of the Damned is helaas het treurige nieuws te lezen dat Twan Fleuren , ex-bassplayer en goede vriend van de band zelfmoord heeft gepleegd. Band en management hebben op de site onderstaande statement geplaatst: 


"After swallowing the departure of guitarist Richard Ebisch a few weeks ago, Legion of the damned got yet another sad news delivered to their camp: ex bassplayer and friend Twan Fleuren commited suicide.

Twan joined the band Occult in 1998 where he directly joined them on a tour with Morbid Angel, Amon Amarth and Gorgoroth in 1999, after the recording of Occult’s “Rage to revenge” in 2001 and 2 great tours with Dark Funeral in 2001 and Exodus, Nuclear Assault and Agent Steel in 2003, Twan Fleuren was also at the beginning of the succes of Legion of the damned and recorded with the band the legendary “Elegy for the weak” with Andy Classen in 2003 that was later re-released under the name “Feel the blade” in 2007, as well as the recording of “Malevolent rapture” in 2004, which was released in 2006, the album that brought Legion of the damned to a level where they are in right now.

Twan Fleuren was also part of the first Legion of the damned tour that took place in 2006 with no one less than Kataklysm and Cannibal Corpse, however, Twan left the band half way the tour because his, at that time, baby born son was hospitalized, the band then agreed that it would be better for Twan to leave the band because doing the band and having its family was to complicated at that point, he was then replaced by bassplayer Harold Gielen in 2006.

About Twan’s loss singer Maurice states: “Another very sad day in the Legion camp, Twan has been a great friend and we lost contact for several years because he was in some difficult times, only a few weeks back we were all back in contact again and it felt like these great old times were about to return, even Erik and me joined him on a terrace for a beer or 2 a few weeks ago, he even wanted to join us to With Full Force in July, where I was really looking forward to, he even showed alot of intrest in our new guitarplayer and the departure of Richard Ebisch. The bad news that came in today struck as a bomb not for me only personally but also for the band Legion of the damned. Ofcourse we wish his family and kids all the strength they need in this process. We will miss you brother and ofcourse all of the upcoming Legion of the damned shows will be dedicated in his name!”

Drummer Erik announced following: “Yet another sad day in the history of Legion of the damned. We knew that Twan had to face some extreme difficult times, but we certainly did not expect this, he was about to join us at some upcoming festivals and we were really looking forward to that. Maurice and I are happy that we still had a nice chat and drink with him at a terrace not so long ago after a really long time of not seeing eachother, rest in peace my friend and my sincere condolences to his family”

Andy Siry / Boomer Entertainment (management) states: “When Maurice informed me this afternoon that Twan commited suicide I was totally shocked and speechless. I remember when I met Twan at the first LEGION OF THE DAMNED tour in 2006 (with Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm). Twan was a very kind and nice man and a good bass player. Our ‚beer talks’ was always funny. Twan made the decision to leave the band during this tour to take care of his wife and his two kids … and now this terrible news … and the big open question is ofcourse why??? What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we cannot understand why Twan left this earth so soon, but little by little, we will begin to remember not just that Twan died, but that he lived. And that his life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. Twan will always stay a member of the LEGION OF THE DAMNED! RIP – brother , see you on the other side, and my condolances to Cristel, Nina & Joep & his family.”




Yes de heersers van pirate metal zijn weer terug.  Het Schotse Alestorm staat altijd garant voor een vrolijke noot met teksten over rum , goud en andere piratenfratsen. De groep is uitermate populair en nu kijk ik al uit naar het feestje dat komende week gaat plaatsvinden op Dokk’m Open Air op zaterdag 28 mei


Alestorm is:


  •  Christopher Bowes – lead vocals 
  • Dani Evans   guitar , backing vocals
  •  Gareth Murdock  bass guitar 
  •  Peter Alcorn - drums 



Spearhead comes out with a new album, their third full length, that carries the title Theomachia. Their lyrical themes are consistent from philosophy to the good old topic of lyrical aggression: war. And aggression is certainly what they bring with this new album.


Spearhead is:

  • Barghest: Bass and Vocals
  • Anaximeness: Lead Guitar
  • Invictimus: Rhythm Guitar
  • Torturer: Drums on recording


Winds Of Plague - Against The World - Century Media Records - Out now

Hailing from Southern California, Winds Of Plague aim «to quickly change the landscape of heavy music», with their new album called Against The World. Ambitious – but do they deliver?


Winds of Plague are:


  • Johnny Plague - vocals
  • Nick Piunno - guitars
  • Nick Eash - guitars
  • Andrew Glover - bass
  • Art Cruz - drums
  • Alana Potocnik - keyboards

Interview met Dennis Leeflang!
Dennis leeflang  is bekend van ondermeer zijn slagwerk bij bands zoals Within Tempation. Tegenwoordig woont deze nuchtere Hollander in New York en werkt ondermeer met grootheden zoals Lita Ford , Ted Poley en last but not least: Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal: gitaarvirtuoos en lead-guitarist bij Guns 'n Roses!. Tijd voor een interview met dit multitalent!




British crossover thrashers SSS have revealed that NAPALM DEATH frontman BARNEY GREENWAY will appear as a guest vocalist on the band's forthcoming new album, titled PROBLEMS TO THE ANSWER.

GREENWAY performs guest vocals on the tracks "The Kill Floor", "Here Comes The Neighbourhood" and "Roar".  PROBLEMS TO THE ANSWER is due to be released in Europe on June 6th and in North America on July 12th.

NAPALM DEATH frontman BARNEY GREENWAY comments on his guest appearance:

"Foxy really knows his musical onions and when he had some parts for me to do, I knew it was going to be a gas.  The main part had a Discharge-y feel to it, so I was sold on that instantly.  Went in, shouted, went home.  No fucking about.  Good stuff."

SSS frontman FOXY comments:

"Barney was on a shortlist of one - it was him or no one.  Knew he'd be into the direction of our latest musical outing and the stance the songs take were right up his street.  Some serious barking was required and his dulcet tones didn't disappoint."


Het meedogenloze Zweedse heavy metal monster Portrait ontstond in 2006 met de bedoeling om de donkere energie terug te brengen, dat eens de hoeksteen was van de klassieke metal releases. Na een demo 2 EP’s en een full album zijn ze na drie jaar terug met een volwaardige opvolger.


  • Per Karlsson – vocals
  • Richard Lagergren – guitars
  • Christian Lindell – guitars
  • Joel Pälvärinne – bass
  • Anders Persson – drums

OL DRAKE, lead guitarist for British thrashers EVILE, has created a number of instructional guitar videos, showing fans how to play some of the band's most well-known tracks.

OL DRAKE comments:

"I get a lot of people asking me to tab out Evile songs, but I don't have the time.  This led me to take a look at the guitar tabs that were up online.  I love that people have taken the time to tab our songs out, but there are mistakes, so I thought why not show people all the little details that are always missed.  I don't want to do too many, as I think it's hugely beneficial to spend the time learning things by ear."

Check out the EVILE instructional guitar videos and see if you can play along:

Infected Nation -
Thrasher -
My Parasite -
Time No More -

EVILE recently finished recording their new album, FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH, which is due to be released on August 29th.

Don't miss EVILE performing live at the following shows:

May 28 - Dokkum, Netherlands - Dokk'em Open Air
Jun 11 - Donington, UK - Download Festival
Jul 01 - Löbnitz, Germany - With Full Force
Jul 08 - Gävle, Sweden - Getaway Rock
Jul 09 - Pecs, Hungary - Rock Marathon
Jul 14 - Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany - Dong Open Air
Jul 15 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metalcamp Festival
Jul 17 - Vizovice, Czech Republic - Masters of Rock
Jul 27 - Bladel, Netherlands - Totaalfestival
Aug 13 - Oulu, Finland - Jalometalli Festival

Tijdschema Fortarock bekend!


Meer info op:


Na een zeer geslaagde, zonnige en zeer warme tweede editie in 2010 maakt FortaRock zich op voor 2011. Het eendaagse metalfestival vindt wederom plaats in het monumentale Park Brakkenstein in Nijmegen, op zaterdag 2 juli 2011. De line-up is rond, wederom een mooie mix van gevestigde en nieuwe namen uit de metal- en rockwereld al zeggen we zelf. Klik op de bandlogo's hieronder voor meer info en muziek over de optredende artiesten!








De FortaRock organisatie heeft eveneens besloten geen ticketverhoging toe te passen in 2011, ongeacht de doorgevoerde BTW verhoging. Tickets blijven verkrijgbaar voor €49,50. Tickets kunnen worden gekocht via deze site, en de volgende VVK-adressen: State Off Art Metalstore, Kroese Arnhem/Nijmegen, Waaghals Arnhem/Nijmegen, Uitburo Nijmegen.


Interview with RICK STITCH from LADYJACK

Ladyjack is de nieuwe rocksensatie uit de USA. Samen met ondermeer het gitaartalent Robo maakt Rick Stitch schitterende nummers die je zeker eens moet beluisteren. Tijdens zijn tour met Adler's Appetite afgelopen februari hebben we elkaar ontmoet en contact gehouden. Tijd  nu voor een mooi interview met deze getalenteerde man.


Power of Metal Tour doet de Effenaar aan op zondag 11 September

 Zo 11 sep `11


Power Of Metal Tour II 2011

Grave Digger + Powerwolf + Skull Fist

Multinational Heavy Metallers POWERWOLF reveal album title, track listing and front art for 'Blood Of The Saints'! Announce release date!
Multinational Heavy Metallers POWERWOLF have set 'Blood Of The Saints' as the title for their upcoming fourth longplayer.

'Blood Of The Saints' will be released July, 29 (G/A/S) / August, 1 via Metal Blade Records in Europe. The album will be released as a regular CD, a limited edition Digibook 2-CD (exact content to be revealed shortly) and on vinyl. The front art has been created by POWERWOLF guitarist Matthew Greywolf. POWERWOLF guitarist Matthew Greywolf comments on the release of “Blood of the saints”: "We´re really excited about this album. It´s been a hard piece of work, but it was so goddamn worth it. I think on "Blood of the saints" we really delivered a striking balance of mighty melodic stuff and some serious wolfish metal madness, all dressed up in some highly catchy tunes. We can hardly wait until the album is finally out and we can celebrate these tunes together with all of you - Be prepared!"

Track listing Blood Of The Saints'
1. Agnus dei (Intro)
2. Sanctified with dynamite
3. We drink your blood
4. Murder at Midnight
5. All we need is blood
6. Dead boys don't cry
7. Son of a wolf
8. Night of the werewolves
9. Phantom of the funeral
10. Die, die, crucified
11. Ira Sancti (When the saints are going wild)

POWERWOLF will be taking part on the next edition of the POWER OF METAL Tour 2011, alongside Sabaton, Grave Digger and Skullfist. 



07/09/11 - AT - Vienna, Arena
08/09/11- DE - Munich, Backstage
09/09/11 - DE - Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
10/09/11 - DE - Würzburg, Posthalle
11/09/11 - NL - Eindhoven, Effenaar
13/09/11 - CH - Zürich, Volkshaus
14/09/11 - DE - Saabrücken, Garage
15/09/11 - DE - Hamburg, Markthalle 

IN SOLITUDE launch full album stream of The World. The Flesh. The Devil' exclusively on Revolver Magazine‘s MetalKult!
Head over to Revolver Magazine's MetalKult HERE tocheck out the first half of The World. The Flesh. The Devil, from Uppsala Sweden's IN SOLITUDE. Check out the first 4 tracks and be sure to spread the word and leave a comment. The second half of the album will be going live on Thursday May 19th so be sure to head back over to MetalKult to check it out.

Vocalist Hornper comments on the album's title The World. The Flesh. The Devil“We have chosen not to feed everyone our personal perception of the title and not to over-analyze it in interview, because we want the listeners themselves to rely on what the title evokes in them personally, and find their own way of perceiving it. The title and the specific song & poem that carries its name is very significant to what this album reveals and deals with, and if you read and listen to it carefully and close to heart; all answers shall come.” 

Read the rest of the interview MetalKult conducted with Hornper HERE. 

Fans still have time to pick up specially priced preorders for IN SOLITUDE's The World. The Flesh. The Devil, availableHERE (both the CD and the 2-Gatefold-LP are available). The first single Serpents are Rising is also available at this location.

The World. The Flesh. The Devil tracklisting:
1. The World, The Flesh, The Devil
2. We Were Never Here
3. Serpents Are Rising
4. Poisoned, Blessed, and Burned
5. Demons
6. To Her Darkness
7. Dance of the Adversary
8. On Burning Paths

Hornper (vocals), Niklas Lindström (guitar), Henrik Palm (guitar), Gottfrid Åhman (bass), and Uno Bruniusson (drums) entered Nicke Andersson's (THE HELLACOPTERS, ENTOMBED, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC) brand new studio, Gutterview Recorders, in Stockholm Sweden with producer Fred Estby (DISMEMBER) back in November to record the band's sophomore album The World:The Flesh:The Devil

Follow the Owl. Follow your own burning blood into the night!

Make sure to catch IN SOLITUDE at the following live shows:
11/06/11 – DE – Gelsenkirchen - RockHard Festival
17/06/11 – FR - Clisson - Hellfest
12/07/11 – SI – Tolmin – Metalcamp Festival
15/07/11 – FI – Lieto - Hammer Open Air
04/08/11 – DE – Wacken - Wacken Open Air
25/08/11 – NO – Bergen - Hole In the Sky Festival
23/10/11 – UK – London - Live Evil Festival
26/11/11 – DE – Lörrach - Metal Forces Festival

The World:The Flesh:The Devil. will be released May 20/23 on CD and double gatefold vinyl via Metal Blade Records in Europe! 

Metal Blade Records signs European deal with L.A. Hard Rockers DC4 feat. Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint and former DIO guitarist Rowan Robertson!

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of the L.A. Hard Rockers DC4!

Forming as the 21st Century became a reality DC4 came to be when Jeff Duncan met Rowan Robertson, the band's musical pedigree is virtually unrivaled by their peers. "Jeff and I met when a local promoter named Happenin' Harry asked us both to be in his backing back for a few shows in the LA area and in Chicago," relates Robertson. "When we got back to LA he just flat out asked if I wanted to join DC4 and we got along so well and played so great together that I just had to do it."

Jeff recalls that "I wasn't into the whole idea of auditioning guitarists, We would know the right one when he came long and that's exactly what happened. He was looking for the sort of situation we had to offer and as it turned out, we were looking for him!"

Having spent time in such bands as the legendary Dio, metal heroes Armored Saint, the short lived Violet's Demise and Odin, a band who had reached cult status by the end of the 1980's without ever leaving Hollywood, DC4 is much more than just your average hard rock act.

The band members of DC4 comment on the signing to Metal Blade as follows:

“Its an honor to be on Metal Blade records! I feel that we made a very honest and powerful record and to have it released by a label that shares our love for hard music is a blessing!” Rowan Robertson

”I am thrilled and honored beyond belief! I have been in the Metal Blade family as a member of Armored Saint for most of my career so to have DC4 welcomed into the fold is about as good as it gets!” Jeff Duncan

DC4 is:
Jeff Duncan - Lead vocals, guitars,
Rowan Robertson - Guitars
Matt Duncan - Bass
Shawn Duncan - Drums, percussion

DC4 will release their third longplayer ‘Electric Ministry’ in the summer via Metal Blade Records Europe. More news and updates on the album to follow soon! 

Chiraw vervangt Trigger the Bloodshed op Dokke'm Open Air

De organisatie heeft ten kennis gegeven dat Trigger the Bloodshed helaas verhinderd is voor deze editie van Dokk'em Open Air op 28 Mei.
Gelukkig heeft de organisatie goed zijn best gedaan en komt nu niemand minder dan Chiraw zijn kunsten vertonen.
Er zijn nog steed tickets te verkrijgen voor Dokk'em Open Air en wel op deze link:


Rob Zombie directs new washing powder advert

After directing everything from music videos to horror films and episodes of CSI: Miami, Rob Zombie's next directorial venture is an advert for washing powder Woolite.

"I love doing stuff like that," Zombie told AOL. "An ad agency from Australia had reached out to me about doing the commercial and I had originally turned it down because I was so busy. But then some things opened up and then I was able to do it. I'm glad I did."

The clip will no doubt make its way online in the next few weeks.

I wonder what the tag line is? "Get your whites whiter than White Zombie?"


source :

The Gathering sluit geen compromissen meer!


The Gathering legt op dit moment de laatste hand aan nieuwe nummers voor hun tiende studioalbum dat naar verwachting dit najaar uitgebracht wordt. Volgens de band is het nieuwe werk eigenzinnig, maar onmiskenbaar The Gathering. De band besloot voor het nieuwe album over te gaan tot een compromisloze aanpak: “We vertellen ons verhaal en soms nemen we daarvoor 10 minuten de tijd, ook al is dat niet radiovriendelijk”, aldus toetsenist Frank Boeijen.


Het vorige album The West Pole (2009) was het resultaat van een zoektocht, de hereniging van de band en het debuut van de Noorse zangeres Silje Wergeland. “We hadden de neiging om het helemaal anders aan te pakken, al onze bagage overboord te gooien. Het voelde als een opluchting, maar we zaten er nog middenin” zegt Frank Boeijen als hij terug kijkt op de roerige periode. “Het nieuwe album staat dichter dan ooit bij ons als band. We durven weer te kijken naar ons verleden, dat zo onlosmakelijk aan ons verbonden is en waar we trots op zijn.”.


Nieuwe single

Fans hoeven niet tot het najaar te wachten om kennis te maken met nieuwe muziek van The Gathering. Begin mei is de eerste single ‘Heroes for Ghosts’  gratis te downloaden via de populaire website Bandcamp: mei treedt The Gathering op diverse podia en festivals op om de fans alvast een voorproefje van de andere tracks van het nieuwe album te geven. ‘Heroes for Ghosts’ is een uitgesponnen werk dat maar liefst 10 minuten duurt. De track is een soort tweeluik met een rustig en meer uptempo deel. De tekst gaat over belangrijke beslissingen die je soms moet nemen in je leven, waarvan je niet weet wat de gevolgen zullen zijn. Voor ‘Heroes for Ghosts’ is  in Noorwegen een korte film opgenomen die eind mei uit zal komen.


Optredens in Nederland en Zuid-Amerika

The Gathering nam eind januari de eerste nummers voor het nieuwe album op. Deze zomer duikt de band opnieuw de studio in om het album af te maken. In mei en juni zijn er optredens in diverse clubs en op het nieuwe muziek- en multimediafestival Oddstream dat plaatsvindt in Nijmegen. Ook toert de band wederom door Zuid-Amerika, waar The Gathering al jaren populair is. Naast landen zoals Chili, Mexico, Brazilië en Argentinië speelt de band voor het eerst in Peru, Bolivia en Colombia.



Vrijdag 27 mei 

P60 – Amstelveen


Zaterdag 6 augustus

Geuzenpop – Enschede

Zaterdag 28 mei 

Vera - Groningen


Vrijdag 16 september

De Kelder - Amersfoort


Zondag 29 mei 

Bosuil - Weert


Zaterdag 17 september

De Lakei – Helmond


Zaterdag 4 juni 

Oddstream festival - Nijmegen


Zondag 5 juni 

Atak – Enschede


The Gathering online:

Father: New Bumblefoot Song Released !

New Bumblefoot Song Released

New York, New York - May 17, 2011

Melodic and grungy, "Father" is the fifth song in a series of singles being released digitally in 2011 by Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal.


The song is available in MP3 (320kps), AAC, and higher-quality formats FLAC, MP3 HD, Apple Lossless and WAV. An instrumental version of the song is available in these formats as well. 

For guitarists, there's a "Player Pack" that has a transcription of the entire lead guitar track as a PDF file - musical notation, TAB, fingers, picking, and helpful hints. Included with the transcription is a 'Backing Track' mix and a 'Boosted Lead Guitar' mix, in both WAV & MP3 formats. 

The "Producer Pack" contains 48kHz/24-bit Stereo WAV files of the mix 'stems' - there's a file of drums, bass, guitar, strings, lead vocals and backing vocals that you can load into your multi-track software and play with levels, make your own mixes, and hear every nuance of each instrument's performance on its own track.


VanderBuyst - VanderBuyst - VŠn Records - Out Now

Vanderbuyst is in 2008 door gitarist Willem Verbuyst (ex-Powervice) gevormd. Naast Willem voegden Barry Van Esbroek (drums) en Jochem Jonkman (bass en zang) zich toe aan het geheel. Dit  power trio maakt een mix van 70s and 80s hard rock, classic rock and het vroege new wave sound. De muziek is te omschrijven als old school hard rock, met een vleugje van invloeden zoals UFO, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Van Halen en ZZ Top.


Stonefront Nijmegen, Not Dead Yet en Shaking Godspeed @ Jongerencentrum Creon Westervoort

Rond een uur of negen gingen we, twee vriendinnen en ik, vol goede moed op weg naar Creon om daar de bovengenoemde bands te gaan bewonderen. Maar die moed zakte ons al snel in de schoenen. Meestal krijgen mensen bij de deur te horen dat ze te jong zijn om naar binnen te mogen, maar wij waren te oud. Als je dit op je zesentwintigste al wordt verteld, dan belooft dat natuurlijk niet veel goeds voor de toekomst. Ik ben nu al gedoemd om achter de geraniums mijn overige dagen te slijten.

Na een shock die enkele meters duurde, besloten wij weer om te keren om dit niet zomaar over onze kant te laten gaan. Het was in ieder geval een goede zet om op te merken dat wanneer men boven de 23 wordt geweigerd, het ten minste op de poster had mogen staan. Echter tot ons groot geluk werden wij ontzettend gematst door de organisator, die ons onder begeleiding naar binnen loosde. Dat wij deze aardige man na afloop nog even extra bedankt hebben mag een feit zijn, want we hebben een reuze gezellige avond gehad.


Forgotten Tomb got their 6th highly anticipated album out.
It took 4 years for the fans to wait to get a listen to a new nihilistic black rock album from these extreme  Italian metallists. The album is mastered by Mika Jussila Jussila (Impaled Nazarene, Amorphis, Children Of Bodom, Finntroll, HIM) at the Finnvox Studio.  With their new album in the pocket the band will appear on many Spring and Summer festivals across Europe.  I am happy to have the change to take a good listen to see if Forgotten Tomb still got “It”

Forgotten Tomb are :

Herr Morbid – Guitars and vocals
Razor SK – Guitars
Algol – Bass
Asher – Drums


Swaggertime baby! Sexy rythms and groovy guitars. That ‘s how  the Rival Sons from Los Angeles are best to be described. They earned enough credits already and went on tour with bands like ACDC and Kid Rock.

Rival Sons are: 




Pressure & Time really delivers what I was expecting. Good old fashion blues rock with a good psychedelic twist in it. The first thing I notice was how nice the voice of Jay Buchanan is. After listening to this album I must say he touched my heart and soul with his swagger voice!  Normally I am used to more speedy albums to listen too. But the Rivals really know to rock out on some of the tunes. Face of Light is slightly going from the style of the album. But it’s a decent sweet voiced song, which is nice to relax to spinning it on the background.



01. All Over the Road
02. Young Love

03. Pressure and

04. Only One

05. Get Mine

06. Burn Down Los Angeles

07. Save Me

08. Gypsy Heart

09. White Noise

10. Face of Light

Keep an eye out on Rival Sons, with this release they will become big!



Tonight there were  no worries for a good evening! At de Peppel, Zeist there were two great acts booked.  The evening was opened by the Dutch Cover legends: Over The Edge and if that wasn't enough to get the party started, also the Glam Legend Adam Bomb was on the bill. It’s the first hot day of the year. Fucking 27 degrees!  Ofcourse everyone is happy with that. Even though my armpits can be smelled in Utrecht too! Only downside is that there is not much audience to find. Ah well, damn shame for them who miss out this special package.




Dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011. All artists and composers as well the record label and publishing company are donating their profits from the material included to the victims in hope of a better world. All profits will be donated to the Japan Red Cross.

We thank all involved for taking the time to give a little back to those that have lost so much in the aftermath of devastation in Japan. The response was simply overwhelming and we are proud to present this double CD 28 track album featuring many of the most popular acts on the Lion Music roster, along with some extra special guests.

All artists that appear on this benefit album have in most cases written and recorded their songs especially for ‘Embrace The Sun’, and in a number of cases these tracks represent the first recorded output with new band line-ups i.e. Ashent (new vocalist Titta Tani), Astra (new vocalist Andrea Casali), Venturia (new vocalist Florine Acquisto and drummer Frédéric Marchal) and Iron Mask (new vocalist Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz and drummer Ramy Ali).

Milan Polak is joined by some special guests in guitarists Peter Lesperance (Harem Scarem) and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N’ Roses, whilst Kip Winger (Winger) performs bass guitar and drums come courtesy of Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot / Lita Ford) for the track ‘End Of Time’ which is completed by background vocals from Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).

The album also showcases some home-grown Japanese talent in new label signing, progressive rockers Early Cross, whilst the direct influence of the aftermath in Japan can be heard on Jennifer Batten’s track ‘Sakura Season’ was written after her visit to the country in April 2011.

Virtuoso guitarists unite for the closing title track which sees solos fromMilan PolakFrancesco FareriDaniel Palmqvist (ex The Murder Of My Sweet), Simone Fiorletta (No Gravity), Dave MartoneBorislav Mitic,Franck Ribiere (Double Heart Project) and Lars Eric Mattsson.

Elsewhere the album is full of excellent new tracks that run the gamut from heavy and powerful to tender and emotional across a number of rock and metal styles.

Millions have been affected by the tsunami following the massive earthquake off the coast of Japan and all artists involved and all staff at Lion Music hope that the revenue generated from this release will hopefully make some difference to those affected who look to ‘Embrace The Future’.


ANNEX THEORY Featuring ex-QUO VADIS Vocalist Premieres New Song
ANNEX THEORY, which features in its ranks former QUO VADIS vocalist Trevor Birnie, have made a new track entitled “Orbit” available and it can be streamed at this location: The track comes off the band’s debut EP, “Beneath the Skin,” which will see a worldwide digital release via Pivotal Rockordings in late May/early June while physical copies will be made available exclusively through the band. 
Beneath the Skin” was produced and mixed by Carlin “Lemon” Heibert, cousin of COMEBACK KID guitarist Jeremy Heibert, and was mastered by TESSERACT guitarist Acle Kahney. The EP

Tracklisting is as follows:
1.      Beneath the Skin
2.      Event Horizon
3.      Orbit
4.      Horizons


The French sinister Black – metal band is on a killing spree. The got their 3rd full-length album out simply called III. With their sinister sound they obtain a lot of followers of this amazing dark art. It’s time to see if they can make an excellent 3 in a row!


Aosoth are:

  • Seth: Guitar
  • Thorgon : Drums
  • Sagoth: Bass

UNEARTH: "Darkness In The Light" Album Art + Track Listing Revealed! New Song Stream Available!

UNEARTH: Darkness In The Light Album Art + Track Listing Revealed! New Song Stream Available! Pit-churning, melodic metal pioneers, UNEARTH, are currently readying to unveilDarkness In The Light, their fifth full-length in a discography that's placed the band among the most prolific and plainly ravaging modern metal acts to come out of the U.S..


Set for a European release on July 1 (G/A/S) / 4 (Europe) via Metal Blade Records, the 11-track long player -- their most conceptually personal offering to date -- was recorded at Zing Studios in Westfield, Massachusetts with producer (and Killswitch Engage guitarist) Adam Dutkiewicz and mixed at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Trivium, et al). Sitting in on drums during the recording was Justin Foley of Killswitch Engage/Blood Has Been Shed. View the cover art at


Commented UNEARTH vocalist Trevor Phipps of the band's latest output: "Darkness In The Light is without a doubt some of the heaviest, most dynamic and memorable tunes we've ever written. The disc is littered with the shred 'n' stomp-filled songs our fans would expect from us, as well as some added vocal hooks, guitar melodies, guitar solos and some different paths taken in style and structure. We knew we had to continue to separate ourselves from the pack and to cement our place in the heavy metal world as one of the leaders and not as one of the many followers that seem to hop on the trend wagon and give up so easily when the going gets hard. We are here to stay and collectively we couldn't be any more fired up to play these songs around the world for our fans new and old."

Darkness In The Light Track Listing:

01. Watch It Burn

02. Ruination Of The Lost

03. Shadows In The Light

04. Eyes Of Black

05. Last Wish

06. Arise The War Cry

07. Equinox

08. Coming Of The Dark

09. The Fallen

10. Overcome

11. Disillusion


The first single, the instantly pummeling ‘Eyes Of Black’ is currently streaming on the band's official album landing page, which includes updated tour info, pre-order options and more. Said Phipps of the track: "We chose 'Eyes Of Black' to be the first song heard out of the gate as we feel it represents the 'UNEARTH sound' and style perfectly and it's simply a hard-hitting, catchy-as-hell song. The lyrics are also in line with many of the albums darker lyrical themes. I'm not speaking for all of the band, but this is my personal favorite on the album and I can't wait to get out there and play it live!"


To check out ‘Eyes Of Black’ point your browser to


Several pre-order deals for Darkness In The Light are also available at


Coinciding with the release of Darkness In The LightUNEARTH will bring their ruckus to Europe!



feat .







26.08. Jena - F-Haus (Germany)

27.08. Köln - Essigfabrik (Germany)

28.08. Hilversum - Vorstin (Netherlands)

03.09. Lünen - Rock im Loch Festival (Germany)

04.09. Antwerpen - Trix Zaal (Belgium)

05.09. Hannover - Faust (Germany)

06.09. Hamburg - Markthalle (Germany)

07.09. Copenhagen - The Rock (Denmark)

08.09. Kassel - Hot Spot (Germany)

09.09. Saarbrücken - Garage (Germany)

10.09. Stuttgart - LKA (Germany)

11.09. Wil - Gare de Lion (Switzerland) + A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS

12.09. München - Werk (Germany)

13.09. Graz - Explosiv (Austria)

14.09. Spittal an der Drau - Statsaal (Austria)

15.09. Prague - Abaton (Czech Republic)

16.09. Leipzig - Conne Island (Germany) + A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS

17.09. Berlin - SO 36 (Germany)

18.09. Vincenza - Into The Pit Festival (Italy)

19.09. Wörgl - Komma (Austria)

20.09. Heidelberg - Halle 02 (Germany)

Darkness In The Light will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland July 1, the rest of Europe on July 4!



Trevor Phipps - Vocals

Buz McGrath - Guitar

Ken Susi - Guitar

John "Slo" Maggard - Bass

Justin Foley - Studio Drummer



Update Message from Pre Mortem !!

Hey guys and Dolls,

A small update....

We started rebuilding the first tunes! The pre-production tracks are ready, at this moment we're working on different levels to get the songs/structures together.
We hope to start real soon with the ( final ) recordings !

This project will be recorded with the help of some old and some new influences;

Sonny and Pollo Will be handeling the guitar on this one (realy?!?! ;-), the bass will be hammered by Mario (from the earliest line-up), drums are being handeled by Mikhail (from The Lucifer Principle) and vocals by mr mortem also from The Lucifer Principle. (huh?!?!)

We got reactions on the original recordings, we'll upload a mix with some new tunes asap. Besides the new tunes we're digitalizing some cool VHS recordings (Dutch TV, live and studio clips).

take care




CHILDREN OF BODOM - Machina Supremacy- Ensiferum 13 Mei @ atak Enschede


Tijdens de wereldtour doet de groep maar twee shows in Nederland en het concert wat zij in de Grolsch Zaal gaan geven is wel een hele speciale. Geen groot stadionconcert maar een optreden in een zaal voor maar 800 man.  Een unieke kans voor alle metal liefhebbers om deze band in een uitzonderlijke setting te zien spelen.

Met een mooie kruisbestuiving tussen deathmetal, klassieke muziek en andere metalstromingen is COB één van de meest succesvolste bands in de metalscène.  De band staat dan ook garant voor ruwe zang, keiharde en scherpe drums, keyboards en extreem snelle gitaarsolo´s.

Met in het voorprogramma de Scandinavische bands Machinae Supremacy en Ensiferum verwachten we een verpletterende metalavond.

Gepland tijdschema

Ensiferum    19.45 - 20.30 uur
Machinae Supremacy    20.45 - 21.30 uur
Children of Bodom    22.00 - 23.45 uur



ROOT confirmed for Sonisphere Festival!
Czech black metallers ROOT have been confirmed for Czech part of Sonisphere Festivals which will take place at Milovice airport, Czech Republic on 11th June. ROOTwill support main acts of this Sonisphere Festival: IRON MAIDEN, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, KREATOR, IN FLAMES, MASTODON and others.

Meet the CREW of
It's Time stopping to take al the credits for the site :)
Livereviewer is made by people with a passion for music !

Meet the crew:

Ronald "bushkabouter" van de Baan: Founder of livereviewer and "leader" of the Gang. Most reports are written by me but hey I am always open for help :P
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Last but not least .... All the artists , labels , promoters and venue's out there! Without you this Site would be empty!



HATE ETERNAL premiere the final single 'Phoenix Amongst the Ashes' exclusively on Metal Underground!

The final single and title track of HATE ETERNAL's new album Phoenix Amongst the Ashes (out now!) is live and currently streaming on Metal Underground HERE.

In other HATE ETERNAL news; Metal Injection has just released that latest "In the Studio" clip featuring footage of Erik Rutan and co. as they recorded their upcoming opus, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes. Check it out HERE. Be sure to stay tuned to Metal Injection over the coming weeks as they post the remaining clips.

Clip 1
Clip 2

HATE ETERNAL recorded their fifth studio album at frontman Erik Rutan's own Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL with mastering handled by Alan Douches of West West Side. J.J. Hrubovcak has been added as the band's bassist, alongside the devastating combo of Erik Rutan on guitar and Jade Simonetto on drums.

Fans can now preorder Phoenix Amongst the Ashes by itself or bundled with a t-shirt HERE where the first singleHaunting Abound can now be heard.

Albert Mudrian of Decibel Magazine declares that Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is "the best death metal record I've heard in FOREVER!" while the folks over at Metal Sucks proclaim that "Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is the moment Erik Rutan's entire career has been leading towards -- it's heavy, it's catchy, and it's innovative. This is the best death metal album of 2011 so far, and other bands are going to have to work pretty hard to top it."

HATE ETERNAL are touring Europe as we speak supporting their new albumPhoenix Amongst The Ashes. The tour will run through May 21st ending in Essen, Germany.

09/05/11 – ES – Badalona – Estraperlo Club
11/05/11 – CH – Zürich - Abart
12/05/11 – IT - Rome - Blackout Club
13/05/11 – IT - Romano Sesia - Rock N Roll Arena
14/05/11 – SI - Ljubljana - Gala Hala
15/05/11 – AT - Wien - Arena
16/05/11 – DE - München - Feierwerk
17/05/11 – SK - Bratislava - Randal
18/05/11 – PL - Krakow - Rotund
19/05/11 – DE - Berlin - Cassiopeia
20/05/11 – DE - Leipzig – Theaterfabrik
21/05/11 – DE – Essen – Turock 

Metal Blade Records signs worldwide deal with French Black Metal Avantgarde GLORIOR BELLI!

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of GLORIOR BELLI from France!

GLORIOR BELLI swamped out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris in December 2002. What started as a notorious duo soon became a remarkable beast, acting as a beacon for everyone looking to free themselves of the influence of the Demiurge.

A symbolic demo - Evil Archaic Order - was released in June 2004, followed by their first full-length album Ô Lavdate Dominvs in May 2005. Their sophomore album Manifesting the Raging Beast was released in June 2007 via Southern Lord Records and their latest offering Meet Us At The Southern Sign reached the surface in June 2009 via Candlelight Records.

Lyrics and themes explored over the years reveal a sincere inclination for rebel-ism and developed sense of poetry, an intriguing and almost hypnotic journey through dark deserts and evil fields with Lucifer as personal guide.

At this point the French band has garnered a stellar reputation in the extreme music community for mixing Desert-Rock textures with the brutal, ominous, doom-laden vibe typical of Black Metal. But don’t bother trying to restrain that which cannot be confined, for this is merely the greatest curse of the cosmic scheme.

GLORIOR BELLI have now inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records in anticipation of their upcoming album The Great Southern Darkness, due to be released in the fall of this year.

Comments the band: "We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with the folks of Metal Blade Records, who put out some of the best Metal in the past decades, and it's only fair given the efforts and determination of Glorior Belli into making genuine music that stands the test of time."

J. Vocals + Guitar
G. Drums
H. Guitar
T. Bass 

AS I LAY DYING video for 'Beyond Our Suffering' now live!

Grammy®-nominated metal group AS I LAY DYING are pleased to release the following live music video for the track Beyond Our Suffering off the band's latest album The Powerless Rise. Filmed during the band's stop in Orlando, FL on July 14, 2010 as a part of the Cool Tour, Beyond Our Suffering was filmed by friend of the band Joe Hamming( Check out the video HERE.

In other AILD news; the band is currently part of a series of tours and festivals with the first being an Australian/New Zealand tour alongsideDisturbed and Trivium. Shortly after the band returns home, they will head up to Alaska to play the Egan Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage and will then head down to South America for seven dates. In July, AILD will be playing a series of summer festivals including: KRROFEST in South Dakota, Heavy TO and Heavy MTL in Canada, Heaven Fest in Colorado, and Brutal Assault, which is taking place at an old Army fortress in the Czech Republic. AILD will also be playing at two infamous heavy metal festivals taking place in Germany with Wacken Open-Air taking place on August 4th and Summer Breeze taking place on August 20th.

Check out these video clips the band made for their upcoming stops in Alaska and South America:
South America

AS I LAY DYING European schedule:
04/08/11 – DE - Wacken Open Air Festival 
13/08/11 – CZ – Josefov - Brutal Assault Festival
18/08/11 – BE – Hasselt - Pukkelpop
20/08/11 – DE – Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze Festival 






De affiche voor de 16e editie van Graspop Metal Meeting is helemaal af! Vandaag voegen we de laatste 4 namen toe aan de affiche, waaronder twee bands van eigen bodem! 


De jeugd is de toekomst! Een statement dat absoluut van toepassing is op het Westvlaamse STEAK NUMBER EIGHT. In 2007 wonnen ze met Humo’s Rock Rally op amper 16-jarige leeftijd een van de meest prestigieuze wedstrijden voor Belgische rock bands. Hun postrock/noise sound is geënt op het werk van grote voorbeelden Isis, Mastodon en Neurosis. Steak had van in het prille begin een trouwe schare fans en eerder dit jaar brachten ze hun tweede plaat uit. ‘All Is Chaos’ kinkt een stuk volwassener en is weer een grote stap in de goede richting. In 2008 sloegen ze de Desselse festivalweide al met verstomming en wie weet wat er dit jaar nog allemaal te gebeuren staat. De echte grote doorbraak is wellicht nog maar een kwestie van tijd... (zondag 26 juni)  
DIABLO BLVD, de band rond de stand-up comedian Alex Agnew, komt voor de 2e keer naar Graspop Metal Meeting! Ze hebben net een fenomenaal nieuw album klaar met ‘Builders Of Empires’ en nadat de zanger eerder dit jaar in zijn eentje 5 maal het Sportpaleis vulde, zijn hij en zijn muzikale vrienden nu klaar om de Desselse weide in vervoering te brengen. Diablo Blvd is geen uit de hand gelopen grap maar een groovende metalen uppercut. (zaterdag 25 juni).  
Met SWEET SAVAGE strikte GMM een van de pioniers van de New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Sweet Savage debuteerde in 1979, maar de Noordierse band maakte pas echt naam in 1996 nadat Metallica de song 'Killing Time' opnam als B-kant voor hun single ‘The Unforgiven’. In 1983 hielden ze ermee op maar na twee korte reunites midden de jaren tachtig en aan het eind van de jaren negentig blies Ray Haller in 2008 verzamelen voor de opnames van een nieuwe plaat. Het onverwachte overlijden van gitarist/songschrijver Trev Fleming in oktober 2010 leek even roet in het eten te gooien, maar de band ging verbeten door met de frisse nieuwe plaat ‘Warbird’ en staat nu meer dan verdiend op Graspop Metal Meeting. (vrijdag 24 juni)  
Het debuut van PRO-PAIN, ‘Foul Taste of Freedom’, zorgde bij heel wat kenners voor opgetrokken wenkbrauwen. Het debuut van de New Yorkse hardcore en groove metalband geldt nog steeds als een klassieker dankzij de harde mix van hardcore en metal. Al twaalf studioalbums lang weten de heren van Pro-Pain hun fans te verwennen en live omver te blazen. Speciaal voor GMM komen ze nu met een verrassing op de proppen: wie alle nummers van het ijzersterke debuut ‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’ nog eens wil horen, beleven en voelen krijgt op GMM een unieke gelegenheid om uit de bol te gaan. (zondag 26 juni)  




Tonight I got the honour to meet and interview one of my favourite Thrash-bands out there: Onslaught. I had a nice talk before their outstanding show in Holland  with Andy and Nige


With their latest release "Surtur Rising" , Amon Amarth really delivered a good album. Time for an interview with guitarist Johan Söderberg.



Thanks for this interview,  How’s life at moment? 
It´s great. We are on tour right now in the U.S  playing the new album live every night and then we do a regular set after that to.  So we are basically our own opening act, and the tour is doing great.

If you got to describe Amon Amarth in 4 words , what would it be?
Powerful ,Emotional ,Heavy ,Catchy

The album Surtur Rising recently came out.  How did the fans react on the album so far?
I have only heard people saying good things about it. And it is our most successful album so far so I guess we did something right.

Which song is your favorite of the new album?
Destroyer of the universe at the moment.



Who is responsible of the amazing  album artwork?
His name is Tom Thiel and he´s been doing our cover art on several of our albums.  Like the Crusher , vs the World , Twilight of the thunder god.

You will play at Melkweg Amsterdam 20-5 -11. Are you looking forward to play Holland again? 
Yes it was great the last time we played there so im guessing this time will be great aswell.

Which show do you have the best memories of so far  and which the worst?
The coolest crowd response was probably when we played in Chile they where singing so loud that I think they where louder than us playing actually.

The worst i don't know where it was but it was probably one of our earliest shows when only eight people and a dog showed up.

The band got his debut album “ Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds”  out in 1996 , how do you look back at the beginning and to where you are standing now!
Well my first album was the Avenger in 1998. And when I look back I think we just been doing our thing pretty much with the same attitude since then. Everything has just grown at a slow but steady rate to where we are today.


What are the future plans for Amon Amarth?
Now its all about touring for this album around the whole world for the next two years.

Thanks for your time, is there anything you wish to tell the fans and readers?
Thanks,  looking forward to see you at the shows.




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FortaRock heeft twee extra namen aan het programma toegevoegd:


Hiermee is de 2011 line up compleet: 


*Exclusieve Benelux festivalshow in 2011
**Exclusieve NL festivalshow in 2011

Festivaltickets zijn verkrijgbaar voor €49,50. Tickets kunnen worden gekocht en de volgende VVK-adressen: State Off Art Metalstore, Kroese Arnhem/Nijmegen, Waaghals Arnhem/Nijmegen, Uitburo Nijmegen.

Op vrijdag 1 juli, de avond voorafgaand aan het FortaRock festival is er wederom een pre-party in Doornroosje in Nijmegen. Dit jaar met PESTILENCE en ETHEREAL. Kaarten voor deze pre-party kosten €15, metalheads die al een FortaRock ticket hebben betalen €10. Meer info over de pre-party op



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Agnostic Front komt uit New York en is een van de vaandeldragers van de hardcore scene. De band is in 1980 opgericht door gitarist Vinnie Stigma, en met zanger Roger Miret werd in 1983 de eerste EP "United Blood" opgenomen. Opvolger "Victim In Pain" was in 1984 een ware revelatie. 15 minuten pure opgefokte NYHC van de bovenste plank. Het album "Cause For Alarm" wordt gezien als een mijlpaal in het harcore/metal crossover genre. 

Op de albums erna keerde de band weer terug naar de basis van de hardcore. De band rond Roger Miret en Vinnie Stigma verslijt in deze periode bandleden als zoete broodjes, maar weet zich altijd van de goede kant te laten zien. Albums als "Something’s Gotta Give" en "Riot, Riot, Upstart" kunnen op grote waardering rekenen. Zowel binnen, maar ook zeker buiten de trouwe hardcore scene.

Daar waar hardcore/punk giganten als Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag en SSD het bijltje er al jaren geleden bij hebben neergelegd gaan de levende legendes van Agnostic Front door. En hoe, de band is still very much alive and kicking! De laatste plaat "My Life My Way" bewijst dat eens te meer. 

 Links: Website | Clip voor 'A Mi Manera'



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Occulte heavy metal is weer helemaal terug van weggeweest. Ghost is een geheimzinnig sextet uit Zweden en debuteerde vorig jaar met "Opus Eponymous". Een bescheiden occult meesterwerkje van 34 minuten, met een duidelijke knipoog. De invoeden zijn duidelijk terug te voeren naar jaren zeventig hardrock en psychedelica en folk uit de jaren zestig met als belangrijkste exponenten Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Uriah Heep, Coven, Witchfinder General, Black Widow en The 13th Floor Elevators. Het geluid doet af en toe ook denken aan Mercyful Fate. 

De occulte rock wordt door Ghost verrassend licht verteerbaar voorgeschoteld, maar wel met een sinistere ondertoon. De nummers zijn niet overdreven heavy, maar wel uitermate catchy. Wellicht ligt daar ook wel de kracht van de band. Uiterst gedegen en sober geschreven hardrock nummers met een kop en een staart zonder teveel afleidende muzikale elementen. Nummers als 'Elizabeth', 'Ritual' en 'Stand By Him' zijn na één draaibeurt al bijna niet meer uit je hoofd te krijgen. Gehuld in gewaden die de goedheiligman doet verbleken weten de Zweden live de show nog wat extra kracht bij te zetten. De verrassing van dit jaar.

Links: Website

FortaRock - The Festival 2011
Zaterdag 2 juli, 2011, Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen
VVK en info:

Wacken Metal Battle @ Bosuil Weert 08.05.2011



Zondag 08.05.2011 vindt voor de vijfde keer de Wacken Metal Battle (NL) finale plaats in M.C. de Bosuil te Weert. 6 bands strijden voor een plek op Wacken 2011, 4 ervan zijn al een tijd geleden geslecteerd ; X-Tinxion, The Darkest Red, Magnetron en Wolfp.a.c.k.. Via de Metal Battle (NL) finale zijn ook nog afgelopen weekend ; State of Negation en Curse of the Forgotten eraan toegevoed, waardoor het aantal finalisten nu compleet is. Aangezien het de 5th Anniversary edition is van onze Wacken metal Battle (NL) finale, hebben we dit jaar met J.B.O. een speciale afsluiter gestrikt.
Op menig Duits festival zijn ze een gewilde gast en willen dit het nederlandse publiek nu ook laten zien.In Oktober komen ze trouwens met een engels talige release!

Voorverkoopprijs (*): €7,00
Entreeprijs Dagkassa : €10,00 
 ( * excl. eventuele servicekosten)