Since Christian Liljegren and Tommy ReinXeed formed Golden Resurrection in 2008 they have been very productive, involved in many album productions by Golden Resurrection, 7Days, Divinefire, Audiovision, ReinXeed and Swedish Hits Goes Metal. In 2010 they released the debut album “Glory To My King”. That album got fantastic reviews all over the world and went straight into the Japanese Metal charts. Tommy and Christian are back with the sophomore release “Man On A Mission”.

Golden Resurrection is:

  • Christian Liljegren – vocals
  • Tommy ReinXeed – guitars, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
  • Steven K – bass & backing vocals
  • Richard Gustafsson – drums & backing vocals
  • Kenneth Lillqvist – keyboards & backing vocals



The album starts with a short bombastic and film score intro. But the title track soon kicks in with high gear. Neoclassical fast keys with fitting riffs and the mighty voice of Christian! The lyrics all have a religious theme, but that doesn't bother me at all! An Yngwie inspired fast riff from Tommy Reinxeed welcomes us in “Identity in Christ”. But the high blond haired guy is also responsible for those marvelous harmonies. Christian and Tommy pushes some unbelievable high notes from their throats at the end of the song. “Golden Times” is a more commercial sounding tune. The lyrics refer to their fondness of Europe's “Final Countdown” and the love for music in general. The guitar solo in the vein of Gary Moore and John Norum is the golden time for me! A full shred attack introduces “Finally Free”. Tommy's guitar playing is often super fast, but is always very melodic and comes with lots of feeling. “Generation of the Brave” has a balladesque beginning with extreme sensitive axe work, where again the Gary Moore and Europe link is audible. As the song continues the riffs become more aggressive and I can detect even a touch of Zakk Wylde and Marty Friedman. But the spirit of the early Ygnwie will always be included in Tommy's playing. The 'Middle Ages' keys are perfectly blend with the racing riffs. Tommy's wizardry knows many aspects of the greatest guitar players. But I am very pleased to hear a couple of licks from the 'hair metal era' of Dimebag Darrell (Pantera). I follow Christian's advice blindly on this one, because he sings: “I love it loud”! Tommy goes all the way in the instrumental “Metal Opus 1 in C# minor”. He proves again that he's a real virtuoso on the six string! More than four minutes of tasty ear candy is what you get here. Gimme, Gimme Mo(o)re! A more opera style vocals are being introduced in “Flaming Youth”. “Are You Ready For The Power” is a pure arena rocker with a more 80's classic metal style of guitar playing. The song has a massive sing-along chorus and the guitar solo is in the true Reinxeed tradition. The digital release has two cover songs as bonus tracks. That they can also swim in other seas is well demonstrated in the excellent remake of “Point Of Know Return” from the symphonic progressive rockers of Kansas. But the closest you can get to heaven on earth can be heard on the Gary Moore cover “End Of The World”! OMG! Tommy tortures his guitar in such a way it made me weep like a baby! This must be best cover song I ever heard. A fitting remake of this classic track with a lot of respect for the passed away Axe master!                                                                           

The first album “Glory To My King” from Golden Resurrection was a fine piece of music and I was immediately blown away by it. This follow up is even better! Because the songs are more balanced and the guitars from Tommy are more song orientated than on the first album. But don’t worry, every fan of Yngwie will still have a ball listening to this album! And I can’t get enough of that Moore cover! If that’s how the end of the world will sound, it can’t happen soon enough for me!


  1. The Light Overture
  2. Man With A Mission
  3. Identity In Christ
  4. Golden Times
  5. Finally Free
  6. Generation of the Brave
  7. Standing on the Rock
  8. Metal Opus 1 in C# minor
  9. Are You Ready For the Power
  10. Flaming Youth
  11. Point of Know Return
  12. The End of the World
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