The Exiled are a Swansea-based metal band. Originally formed in 2008, the band has been in  its current form since 2011 with the addition of James Andrews on vocals and Matt Angelow on bass. Their music is a mix of thrash metal and melodic death metal taking influence from a variety of American and Scandinavian metal scenes. The band released their debut EP - entitled 'Break The Chains' on the 29th September 2011. It is available through all major digital retailers and the CD is available via The Exiled Merchandise Store. The band caught my attention when they opened for Sepultura.

The Exiled is:

·         Vocals: James Andrews

·         Guitar & Vocals: Harry Tadayon

·         Guitar: Richard Hughes

·         Bass: Matthew Angelow

·         Drums: David Jones

'Break The Chains'


Melodic Thrash Death all over! The debut album kicks of with a nice intro.
What follows is a melodic ride with some nice thrashy parts. I love how this band got a good songwriting structure. Slower melodic parts  are easily mixed with some nice thrashy riffs. I can see the people already thrash the place at a live concert. The bass is pumping in a good way, and got some melodic guitar parts on top of it. It does remind me a bit of the Haunted.

The vicious growls are not overkill in the mix. A mistake which many bands make. It really shows of that these boys took their time to get a good debut out. If this  band keeps going from where they started , we might be in for another great metal act.


  1. Intro.
  2. Break The Chains
  3. From Nothing (We Are Everything )
  4. Sentience
  5. Post Human
  6. Shallow

If you looking for a nice blasting Melodic thrasher, don’t look further and give these guys a chance!


Written by: Ronald van de Baan


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