The group Tokyo was founded in the beginning of the 80's near Frankfurt, Germany. Tokyo went on rehearsing for a half year before they started to play their first live gigs. Their first and self-titled release “Tokyo” was released in 1981 and immediately stormed the charts. The title track became a rock classic and received tremendous airplay in various rock clubs. Until today, this track still appears on many 80's rock compilations.

Tokyo is:

  • Robby Musenbichler – guitars & vocals
  • Ken Taylor – bass & vocals
  • Klaus Luley – guitars & vocals
  • Lothar Krell – keyboards
  • Fritz Matzka - drums



Simple keyboard strokes, spacy sounds and a Dire Straits guitar start the title track on this thirty year old album. Tokyo has three singers and that makes the vocals stunning and the chorus so catchy that it compels you to sing-along. Although these songs are three decades old they still sound fresh. “Cryin'” starts like a 80's  disco song and continues as an early Toto tune. “Tuesday Morning” has an 60 rock 'n roll  piano (remember those Laurel & Hardy short films!) and is a light digestible radio friendly pop rock song.  A weeping guitar starts the up tempo “Girl”.This short track holds some sparkly guitar work. A little fiery guitar riff draws the attention in “We Are The Times” and those keys reminds us again of Toto. The longest track “Father of Time” is also the most adventurous track. It kicks of with a strange movie like intro, goes on as a old school AOR track and knows many changes in pace and overall sound. The saxophone – guitar duel is the cherry on this melodic pie.

The song “Welcome to My Home” is built around the piano. The middle section consists of a keys solo that just stepped out of an early 80's science fiction movie. Those keys are being pushed away by a furious guitar solo. This re-issue holds in total 7 bonus tracks. Three songs are newly recorded versions of the originals. “Carry On” gets a bunch of modern touches (voice deformation – additional sounds). “Girl” got a acoustic transformation and “Cryin' “ has been stripped of his disco feel! The other four tracks have been recorded during the 80's. “Young Girls In Love” and “The Time is Right” are two more guitar driven 'light' rockers. The Beatles shine through on the acoustic ballad “On My Mind” and the album closer is packed with very divers music styles. You hear some Scissor Sisters vocals followed by a more rap style and even some “Hysteria” Def Leppard guitar licks. In the end they even flirt with the vocoder.

This album was released just before I got into metal and melodic rock. This is my first introduction to this German melodic rock band and it brightens up my day! Yesterrock can be seen as the most important label who releases lost gems in the AOR and melodic rock genre. The album is a real treat for fans from the early AOR with loads of keys and catchy vocals. The bonus tracks show a little different Tokyo but are worth your attention. Especially those rerecorded originals are very well done.


  1. Tokyo
  2. Cryin'
  3. Tuesday Morning
  4. Girl
  5. We Are The Times
  6. Teenage Shooter
  7. Father of Time
  8. Carry On
  9. Welcome To My Home

Bonus tracks:

  1. Young Kids In Love
  2. Carry On
  3. Girl
  4. Cryin'
  5. The Time Is Right
  6. On My Mind
  7. Behind The Faces
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