In the summer of 1992 Cage formed out of the ashes of 2 of San Diego’s metal bands Nomad and Crusher. Finally in 1999 they released their debut cd “Unveiled”. They were invited to play at the prestigious Dynamo Open Air festival in The Netherlands. In 2007 they shocked everyone with their epic end of the world concept 4th cd “Hell Destroyer”. That album received raving reviews all over the world. In 2009 they got former Psychotic Waltz drummer Norm Leggio to play on their 5th cd “Science of Annihilation”. Now they strike back once again with a new bass player and a fresh guitarist and unleashed “Supremacy of  Steel” unto the world!

Cage is:

  • Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck – vocals
  • Dave “Conan” Garcia – guitars
  • Pete “Hands Of” Stone – bass
  • Norm “The Legend” Leggio – drums
  • Steve “Bloodsteel” Brogden – guitars




When a series of blast beats pass by in the intro of “Bloodsteel” I shiver for what will follow. But, rest ashore, a steel train loaded with speedy power metal comes your way. The vocals from Sean Peck are a mixture of Rob Halford (“Painkiller” - era) and James Rivera (Helstar). The drums from Norm Leggio remind me of a firing machine gun and the fast firing riffs surely will crack your skull. The riffs during the chorus bring the cracking “Red Sharks” from Crimson Glory in mind. “The Beast of Bray Road” is another full speed metal attack with fabulous axe work. When we could shake of that werewolf we meet “The King Of The Wasteland”. This battle tune starts with a much slower pace but after a minute you will be struck down by some Raven riffs played squared. The slower played chorus is the perfect opportunity to catch your breath before the second attack starts! And when you survive that second attack you certainly will suffer a major whiplash after that neck breaking guitar solo. Next up we visit the “Metal Empire” and the riffs and lyrics teach us that true metal will never die! I couldn't agree more, guys. After all that metal wisdom you will be facing the zombies in “War Of The Undead”. The playing speed lies very high in all tracks and every song has some sensational guitar solos  build in. But here they also build in a bass driven relaxing break before the next chapter of the battle commences. Some fret board guitar playing in “Flying Fortress” acts as a welcome change. The vocals are somewhat different here. The tune is much lower. The instrumental break has a very melodic solo. “Doctor Doom” tells the story of the villain from the “Fantastic 4” movies (or cartoons). Just like the bad guy itself the song crushed everything what crosses his path. Pounding drums, battling riffs and the angry screaming vocals are the weapons who make this possible. “Anneliese Michel” brings us to a possessed little girl. The falsetto voices, the lyrics and some of the raging riffs makes a comparison with King Diamond justified. The strong bass line alone has the strength to force the demons out of the little girl's body. But in the story they let a priest do the job! The revamped version of the classic but never released “Brain Dead Woman” has a much slower pace, but the guitars still squeak and peep  “The Monitor” is again a faster moving monster with razor sharp riffs and thundering drums. The epic “Hell Destroyer vs Metal Devil” closes the regular edition of this album in grandeur. Speed metal riffs – with a reference to the early Slayer albums – in combination with the extreme pounding drums will make your head spin. Eventually the Hell Destroyer defeats the devil and all ends well in Cage's metal world. That's what I call supremacy of steel! The bonus track “Skinned Alive” is in the true speed metal tradition. The narrating vocals, the screaming voice and the sentence “Eins Twei Drei Die” are a kinda odd trio but together they give this track that extra punch.                                                                               

This sixth effort from the US power metallers Cage is once again a smashing release. It's packed with supersonic metal and the great vocal range from Sean Peck is simply amazing. This platter also holds several connections with the more traditional metal and of course Judas Priest “Painkiller” haunts your head when listening to this album. When you’re a sucker for fast guitars, pounding drums and screaming vocals this certainly is a must buy. All hail the Hell Destroyer.


  1. Bloodsteel
  2. The Beast Of Bray Road
  3. King Of The Wasteland
  4. Metal Empire
  5. War Of The Undead
  6. Flying Fortress
  7. Doctor Doom
  8. Anneliese Michel
  9. Braindead Woman
  10. The Monitor
  11. Hell Destroyer vs Metal Devil
  12. Skinned Alive


Geschreven door Rik Bauters 


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