Lance King is best known as the former voice of Pyramaze and Balance of Power. On the last day of June 2011 Lance decided to invite some of his musical friends to co-write songs with him as he ventured into his first solo album. In under three months, “A Moment In Chiros” was mixed and mastered and off to the presses! The album's concept is based on the 11.11 time prompt phenomena happening to over 75 million people around the world, Lance is one of those people, and dives in deep to find more about what it's all about. This album is one man's journey as a seeker of truth looking for answers to the world's greatest mysteries.

Lance King is:

  • Lance King – vocals

Guest musicians

·        Jacob Hansen (Beyond Twilight, Invocator & Anubis Gate)

·        Kim Olesen (Anubis Gate)

·        Michael Harris (Darkology, Thought Chamber)

·        Tore St Moren (Jorn)

·        Fred Colombo (Spheric Universe Experience)

·        Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater / Harmony)

·        Kevin Codfert (Adagio)  

·        Michael Hansen & Shane Dhiman (Phonomik)

·        Morten Gade Sørensen (Pyramaze, Wuthering Heights)

·        Elyes Bouchoucha, Malek Ben Arbia, Anis Jouini (Myrath)

·        Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson and MANY others)




The storyline is being explained in the intro of “A Sense Of Urgency”. Melodic riffs and some keys in the back lead us to the actual start of this track, where we finally hear the warm voice of Lance. A sensitive guitar solo ends this album opener. The influence of John Petrucci's guitar playing (especially on that wonderful “Awake” album) can be heard on “Awakening”. The basic riff of this faster track burns itself on the audible center of the brain. Lance can also hit the higher notes with a natural ease. The faster then lightning guitar solo is another highlight on this progressive metal gem. Some Eastern inspired riffs and hard hitting drums draw the attention in the start of “Manifest Destiny”. Some vocals and guitar parts show the same melody lines and that's makes it catchy as hell. We discover lots of different riffs here; from slow melodic to almost staccato-like ones. Outstanding vocal performance during the break of “A Given Choice”. Some parts made me think of James Labrie and the poppy keys gives those vocals a great boost! A narration (that sounds like it could be taken from any Star Trek series) over subtle keys and 'acoustic' guitars start the title track. When Lance starts to sing, the song walks the ballad path. The chorus is backed up with electric guitars and is a notch or two heavier. The guitar gets the surprising company of some bell sounds during the long instrumental break. Those kind  of  little details do it always for me and gives this release that extra punch. The very aggressive guitars in “Dance of Power” and the fast 'spacey' and clear keys form an exciting contrast. The guitar solo spots are always a highlight on this record. But in fact this can also be said about the fresh sounding keys, the pounding drums and last but not least the superb vocals of Lance. Classical piano and the warm voice from Mr. King is being helped with a little bit of guitars on the ballad “Kibou”. Simply a beautiful modest song on which Lance shines like the brightest star. Marching drums and simple keystrokes gets the company of heavy chopping riffs (again with a big wink to that previous mentioned “Awake” album). Old school keys can be heard on the album closer “Transformation”. Lance sings the verses with a slightly more mean tune. This track sums up the fine things that can be heard on this great release. Many layers of keys, pounding drums and guitars that go from sensitive to aggressive and mind-blowing vocals from Lance.                                                                                                                                                       

Lance has made in a short time period a true magnificent album. It can be cataloged as mainly progressive power metal. The main ingredients are the versatile voice of Lance and the marvelous guitar work with many references to Dream Theater's “Awake” album. This album immediately grabs you and the offered high quality never drops. You can honestly say that Lance is a new King in the progressive metal scene!


111.  A Sense Of Urgency

222.  Awakening

333.  Manifest Destiny

444.  A Given Choice

555.  A Moment In Chiros

666.  Dance of Power

777.  Kibou

888.  Infinity Divine

999.  Joy Everlasting

10.10  Sacred Systems

11.11  Transformations


Geschreven door Rik Bauters

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