Onlangs trad Hammerfall op in de 013 in Tilburg. De opener van die avond was Death Destruction. Deze band is er nog maar neten bestaat uit leden van ondermeer Hammerfall , Evergrey en Dead By April. Hun debuut “DESTROY” is heerlijk brute recht in je gezicht metalcore. Voor de show had ik met drummer Jonas Ekdhal een interview. Hieronder is het resultaat te lezen.





You are about to perform a show at the 013 in Holland, how is the tour going so far?
Jonas: Really, really good. Actually we are such a different band, compared to the other bands on the bill. On this bill we really have to work real hard. A different kind of fans. Cause our music is so different. We feel that Hammerfall fans probably aren’t into our kind of music. But we are ending on a high note every night! It has been amazing. First we go onstage and then they are completely shocked. They stand like this (Jonas opens his eyes and mouth wide open) and are like what is going on? Haha. We are such a new band in Europe. Nobody has basically heard of us before! After the second song, we the heads going and a couple of horns. And then we get the crowd going at the end of the set. And that is great. That is why we’re here.

Wow that’s amazing that it goes that well, because when you listened to “Destroy”, it is really straight in ya face metalcore and it got a certain distance from the sound of Hammerfall.
Jonas: You never know for every show, you have no idea if they’re going to booh you or if they’re going to applaud you and stuff. We just want to go up there and show them our best side and just have fun. Hopefully the audience have fun with us. That’s what it is about.


What I noticed with the album is that the production is very great. Who is responsible for the mixing?
Jonas: Roberto Laghi did the production. He is from Sweden and did all the albums for In Flames. He has done a lot of work with Swedish hard rock acts through the years.

And he was our only choice for producer and mixer for this album more and less. We love his in ya face raw organic sound. It sounds real. Not that you just edit everything and just cut paste. It sounds like a craftsmanship.

Yeah it’s really raw, you can see that you guys really were into it and had a blast making this album.
Jonas: Yeah, exactly and that is so important for us.

The album is released by Sony Sweden. I think it must be great to start immediately on a major label?
Jonas: Of course it’s great. What’s great about it is that Sony is so eager and pumped up to work with us as well. As we are with them. It’s not like we just choose Sony cause they are a major label. We just wanted a label that wanted to work as much for us as we want for them.

Not to be another band on the rooster. In the pile. If we were supposed to do this right as we want to. We want to have everybody as serious as we are.


Yeah it’s a two way direction.
Jonas: Yeah exactly. We felt that immediately when we start talking to Sony. And their A&R guy is called David, was blown away as soon he heard our CD. It feels great, we really are thankful that they want to work with us.

You are also known for drumming with Evergrey. What is going on with Evergrey at the moment.
Jonas: I don’t really know. I think they played a couple of days ago. I talk to Tom every now and then. Through internet. But I have no idea actually. I am focused on Death Destruction.

So Death Destruction is your main focus?
Jonas: Yeah that is my only thing. My only priority at the moment. And probably will be for a long, long time.

I think when ya listen to the debut it will be!
Jonas: Did you hear it , did you like it?

Yeah loved it!
Jonas: Cool!

Yeah it‘s so much energy and strength. Straight in your face. A good rollercoaster ride.
Jonas: Thanks I appreciate that!

Besides doing a European tour at the moment with Hammerfall and promoting “Destroy”, what else is down the pipeline for Death Destruction?
Jonas: We have a really cool thing coming up in the Spring next year. Right after this tour, our singer Jimmy is immediately going to be on tour with his other band Dead By April for a couple of weeks. We can’t do anything during that time. We have some festivals who are more and less confirmed. I really hope we can come out to Europe next Summer and do a lot of Summer festivals. Both in Sweden and Europe. It will be so awesome.

Do you prefer a clubgig or do you prefer playing on a festival?
Jonas: At this moment I have to say festivals. Because we don’t have a fanbase yet. Since we are so fresh and the album is so fresh. We really don’t have enough fans. So we have to go and work hard and get more fans. Start building a fanbase. I think that it’s an advantage to play the festivals instead of clubgigs. Because, I don’t know, if we will have any crowd, since we are such a new band.


Yeah that would be a rough start.
Jonas: We actually did a gig in Oslo in December last year. There was like no advertising. Nothing. It was a really small bar. We stood on the stage and we didn’t have any people on the floor. Everybody was like sitting and drinking beer and talking. Looking every now and then: Ok there is a band. And at one point we had one in the crowd and that was our soundguy checking the sound for us! Haha!!

It was a good rehearsal gig then!
It was, so it could not get any worse then that. Now we’ve done like the bottom gig, it only can get better. It’s all about fun anyway! 


It’s a bit strange cause when you look at the line-up: It’s a member of Hammerfall, Evergrey, Dead by April. You should think that the fans of those band would go and check out.
Jonas: Both yes and no. Of course the band names could attract people. But since we are such a different sounding band compared to those 3. I am not sure that all those fans would appreciate our music. On the other hand. The Hammerfall-crowd seems to like us when we are playing in the tour.

They got Fredrik Larsson extra on stage! I guess it must be hard doing  a double show every night?
Jonas: He is pretty tired every night when he is done. It’s kind of tough for him. I think he does a great job for both bands. When we talk to him after the Hammerfall set he is pretty tired. But in a way it‘s good and he needs it.

Yeah if you got a good crowd reception he can suck up the energy!
Jonas: So he is always like after our gig. Hey! Speak of the Devil! (Fredrik comes in to say Hi), after  our gig he is really pumped up, about two hours before the Hammerfall show. And then after he goes like …..

Fredrik Yeah hahaha!

It’s lucky you are not the drummer haha!
Fredrik: Yeah probably!

You would get sour  legs otherwise

I guess this is about it, something you wish to share with our readers?
Jonas: Thanks for your time and reading this interview. It would be cool if you check us out. Hopefully we will see you when we play live!

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