In de wandelgangen van de 013, kwam ik na het interview met Jonas van Death Destruction ook nog Geoff Thorpe tegen van Vicious Rumors. Uiteraard ging de memorecorder nogmaals aan voor een kort maar krachtig interview!


You are on the road with Hammerfall , how is it going so far?
Geoff: It’s been amazing. We were scheduled to do the  last 12 shows on the second half of the tour. But when Riot had to cancel on short notice they invited us to do the whole thing and I tell you, we just had the times of our lives out here. We are coming of the biggest year of Vicious Rumors career. By the time we finish the Hammerfall tour, we completed 92 shows in Europe this year. It’s just an incredible way to finish the year. The guys are so great and gracious as hosts. I feel like we made some very good friends and I just respect them. They are so professional. They gave such a great show each night. So it’s an honor to be on this tour.

We just have a blast every night.

If you look at the line-up tonight, I think you guys come the closes to the sound of Hammerfall.
Geoff: Thank you. We are invited by them personally. This is like nothing went through recordlabels or management. It wasn’t about business. It was about: Hammerfall wanted Vicious Rumors to do this spot. That’s the best tour you ever can be on. You know when your welcomed and invited. They have been so great to us and gracious. We just have a great time together. Kicking ass. Vicious Rumors, Hammerfall is just a mighty heavy metal punch and the other bands on the bill, Amaranthe and Death Destruction are also very good. So it’s a high quality show where every band plays their best every night. It’s just been incredible!


What I noticed is that Vicious Rumors got quite a long time in the scene. It’s funny to see if you look at a show like Dokkem , that the youth is going wild too.
Geoff: Absolutely. We where very fortunate this year. We played so many great festivals.  We played Dokkem and we were two bands before Hammerfall.  The rockhard festival, there we where two bands before Down. And the metalfests in Austria, Germany, Hungary. We had featured slots so it was great to see Vicious Rumors  move up this year to high profile events and great time slots.  We had an amazing reaction to our new album “Razorback Killers”that is out on SVP / Steamhammer.  Everybody really seems to respond to this record and I think people know when you just  go through emotions. When people come and see Vicious Rumors or at Hammerfall concerts when a lot of people see Vicious Rumors for the first time, They see a band that showing them that we have passion for what we doing. We don’t just go up and play guitar. We throw our whole life into it every show.

It’s not for the money but for the passion.
Geoff: We love what we do and of course business is important. And it’s great to see us go the right way. Doing better these days. Which is always important. We are passionate about what we do. It’s a lot of fun and Vicious Rumors been around 33/34 years now and I feel like we got a lot more music to make.

Are you busy with making new music?
Geoff: Absolutely! We preparing to go and make a new album next year.

So the rollercoaster keeps going on!
Geoff: Absolutely. It’s kind a momentum for us to keep going. So we got a lot of full steam right now. We have so much inspiration. Just of our lives, everything we have done.  There is fuel. There is motivation. We all take that to the studio and come out with another kick ass record.

Great looking forward to that!
Geoff: Thanks so much!


Thanks for your time is there something you want to share with our readers?
Geoff: I just want to say, Thanks so much for all the years of support that everyone have given to Vicious Rumours. The Netherlands is where it all started for us early in our career. It’s always a special place for us to come back. We have a lot of dear friends here. It’s time to rock everybody! See ya on the globe!




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