Na het interview met Jonas ( Death Deastruction )  en Geoff (  Vicious Rumors ) , was er uiteraard ook nog Hammerfall om een babbeltje mee te maken in de 013. Voor een tweede maal kom ik Fredrik tegen ditmaal om over Hammerfall te praten.



Welcome in Holland,  How is it to be back in Holland?
Fredrik: It feels great. This is the place where we usually start our tour a couple of times. So it feels like home to be here again. Last tour I guess we did two shows!

Yeah at Dokkem you guys where the headliner, started a bit late cause of the technical issues!
Fredrik: Yeah there where a lot of technical difficulties that night but it worked out.

Yeah it worked out pretty good!


The new album ”Infected” is released, how is the album received?
Fredrik: I think it’s pretty well received. It sold at least equally as good as the last one No sacrifice , No victory.  Depending on the times it charted especially in Germany equally. Being top ten in Germany is a really good thing for us. It’s done well I think.

On this album you guys stopped working with Charlie as producer and worked with James Michael as producer and it really got a different approach in sound. What was the reason to go in that direction?
Fredrik: We didn’t know “No sacrifice, No victory” was the first album for me and Pontus being back in the band together and we felt like we where trying to top the last record every time. So we need to squeeze in as much as possible into the sound pictures so to speak. We where adding layers upon layers with guitars and filling every space. So there was no room for any actual air at all. So we thought we need to go back to the basics and just have one guitar right, one left, a bass and drums. That’s it. Then try to make that happen as a big thing. That was the main idea behind it. We thought that we need to work with someone else this time. So we have worked with Charlie for so  many years and he always been great. Doing great productions but we needed to take a step in some other direction. So both me and Joachim really liked James Michael’s Sixx Am records. I think it was a good thing for Joachim as well to work with another producer for his voice. To work with a singer that he really look up to. It felt pretty natural.

What also is different on the record is that “Infected“ got a zombie theme. Are you guys horrorfanatics?
Fredrik: Well especially me. I am really into zombie movies.  The other ones like horror movies, but I really prefer the zombie genre. I don’t know why but I started to watch really a lot of movies a couple of years ago and I try to lend them to the other band members, some of them. Oscar likes some of them really as well. It became a thing and all of a sudden it happened.


You guys are from the local scene of Gothenburg, death metal capital of the world, and then you guys come with great powerfull heavy metal.
Fredrik: I think I started playing death metal with Oscar. We had a band Crystal Age back in '94 /'95 something. Oscar always been a huge fan of heavy metal. That’s the music I grew up with as well. Back in '96/'97 when we started Hammerfall it was a kind of reaction to do what we wanted to dowhat we listen to. We took great pride in doing heavy metal and I mean the rest of the Gothenburg scene went into the melodic death metal.

It worked out great for you guys.
Fredrik: Yeah!

When I listen to Hammerfall it always takes me on an epical journey. I guess besides being a horror fanatic you guys also are into fantasy.
Fredrik: Oscar is. He reads a lot of fiction. And I am not really into that genre. I watched some movies but it’s not really my thing. Joachim likes a bit of fantasy too.


The tour is doing very well at the moment. Are there other things going on in the Hammerfall camp?

Fredrik: Well, we have a couple of weeks left on this tour. We're going to be out till 21st of December I think. Next year, we have a lot of plans. But the only thing booked is Wacken. We are doing a cruise  7000 tons of metal in the Carribean.

Yeah that will be nice haha!
Fredrik: Yeah! It sounds nice especially now when it is so fucking cold hahaha!

Fredrik: Looking forward to that!. So that’s the only thing booked so far. But we have a lot of plans!

New music are you guys working on that?
Fredrik: Nah, I think we need to promote this record a lot more. Cause this is the first tour. We only have done festivals the whole summer. There is more room for touring on this one.

Hammerfall got many highlights so far. Which moment stands out the most for you?
Fredrik: For me personally it would be the first record of course in '97.  Just releasing an album with heavy metal at that time was a huge thing for me. If you talk about shows there was a really big highlight for me. When we played in my hometown Gotheburg.  In Scandinavium the arena. Where I grew up and saw every big metal band out there. My first really big show was with Accept. I was to small so I had to bring my mother with me. She was sitting there with the earplugs and hahahah!

Yeah must be very great to play at the same venue many years later!
Fredrik: Yeah it is!


Besides being musician what else keeps you busy?
Fredrik: Well I like zombiemovies hahaha and other then that I like fixing stuff. Doing things at home. Rebuilding and just take it easy.

So when something get broken you the man hahaha!
Fredrik: Well we got people for that too haha, but I like fixing stuff.

This is about it! Thanks for your  time!
Fredrik: Your welcome

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
Fredrik: Well its a pity if they aren’t with us here today to watch this show. I think we have a fantastic show this time with a lot of light things going on! It’s a great show. Not just the music! Hopefully they be here and see us! Otherwise they have to catch us haha !


Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan 

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