Izegrim is welbekend in metallievend Nederland. Nu met een deal met Listenable Records en een het alom geprezen album "Code of Consequences" op zak, is het nu beurt om de rest van de wereld te veroveren. Hieronder een in interview met Jeroen. 

Hi Jeroen busy times for Izegrim, how's life at moment?
Hi! Doing just fine over here, it’s Friday. Always a good day to do some interviews, right before the weekend starts, haha!

Can you tell the readers who  are not familiar with Izegrim, what the band stands for?
Izegrim started way back in 1996. I won’t bother your readers with all the line-up changes and demo’s we’ve released, it would become a bit boring I’m afraid.

Since the beginning we’ve had a grunting female on vocals. For us it’s pretty normal, new listeners could consider us a copycat of Arch Enemy. We’re simply not, we started with female grunts way before Angela came to Arch Enemy. Furthermore, our music is not that polished and tends to lean more towards the thrashy side of the metal-spectrum.

Important features on the latest cd: Versatile songs, yet a coherent and balanced cd that should be listened to as one piece. We’ve done our best to write a diversified cd, not just songs on 230 bpm. On top of that we used more leads and melody compared to previous records. Major influences for us are At The Gates, Carcass, Kreator, Legion of the Damned to name a few. But also Cannibal Corpse or even Nevermore can be listed among these names.

Performing live is our greatest passion. We are not the kind of people that stay backstage all day at a festival, so if you want to drink a beer with us and we play somewhere near you; chances are good to catch us somewhere in the audience, haha!


Izegrim is a big name in Holland and well deserved after being around for more than a decade, is the European market conquered now with the new deal with Listenable Records?
I’m familiar with all the work Listenable has done with bands like Textures, Gojira and Hate and many other great bands they have (or had) on their roster. For us it was clear from the beginning that this alliance would turn out to be a fruitful one. Listenable has a substantial name in the metal-industry and we are honoured to be on a roster with bands like Hate and Gojira (although they’ve both signed new deals at the time of this interview). We can certainly notice a big difference when it comes to promotion. I’ve had several interview-marathons when the cd got released, and still doing interviews on a regular basis. It’s cool to see all the exposure we are getting nowadays in comparison to previously released albums. To be honest, everything is going really fast with the new line-up we have since 2008. Acting as a quartet has some advantages, we all have the same goals and are utmost motivated to take Izegrim to the next level. I can honestly admit that we have never worked this hard in the long-lasting history of Izegrim.

Signing a pact with Listenable is the best reward we could imagine for our hard work and they are doing a great job promoting Izegrim in Europe (and even the US).

Izegrim has a busy touring schedule and played with bands like Entombed and Malevolent Creation. How was it to open for such legendary acts?
You know what, it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to hit the stage. It’s an advantage to open for bigger and well-known bands, but in the end it’s all about the pleasure on stage (oh well, and off stage). The mini-tour with Entombed was a blast for sure, well visited shows and we had a lot of fun with the guys (and booze).


The band choose for Marloes on vocals. How is it to have a woman with balls in the band?
Actually, we always had women with balls in the band. Our former singer Kristien also had a fair share of balls, hahaha.

When Kristien decided to leave Izegrim, it was pretty clear for us that we first wanted to have some try-outs with Marloes. She already played bass and did the backing-vocals for 4 years at the moment Kristien left the band. So, she already had a lot of experience.

Nevertheless it was a hell of a job for her to learn all the songs. She worked her ass off to practice bass and on top of that all the lead-vocals. In the end it’s well worth it and we’re all very happy with this solution. It’s also very convenient to have ‘just’ 4 bandmembers. Less opinions to argue about, more beer and more space on stage, hahaha.

On Listenable you released the album “Code Of Consequenses” and the album is really awesome. How is the album received by fans and media?
So far the reviews all have been very good ! Judging the feedback we get on Facebook and MySpace, our fans are also very pleased with the final results of the new record. During live gigs we also get very good responses on the new songs, really cool to see that people like our new stuff 

The album is recorded at the Soundlodge Studio's; from where came the move to this studio and how was it to work in this studio?
I already knew some products Jörg had been working on in the past. Especially the recordings he did with God Dethroned and Dew-Scented are brilliant. He also recorded Dutch grinders Inhume, with whom we played a couple of gigs. They all were very enthusiastic about Jörg and his way of recording. I can only agree to all the bands that have recorded at Soundlodge: it’s fucking perfect !! The way Jörg worked with us was excellent. He’s so laid back and relaxed, unbelievable. I guess you have to be having bands around you all the time, haha! In terms of technique and recording-skills he’s definitely one of the best. One other advantage: his studio is near the Dutch border, his apartment where we stayed during the recording-process looked like a little Dutch enclave

How is the songwriting process going in the band?
One major difference with the other albums, is that we’ve put a lot of time and effort in the pre-production. Our drummer build his own studio where we can practice 24/7. We bought some equipment to make proper recordings during rehearsals. We took those recordings home, and made adjustments to the arrangements till the point we were absolutely confident that the song just couldn’t be better. At a certain point in the writing-process we had weeks where we would come together every evening to work on the songs, a pretty intense period.

When we entered the studio for 2 weeks to record the drums and guitars we exactly knew what to play. Saved us a lot of precious time.

You performed on Zwarte Cross and Alcatraz metal festival this summer(?), how was is to be playing for such big audiences?
AWESOME !! Both Zwarte Cross and Alcatraz were gigs that we will remember for a long time. Getting such tremendous response when you’re on such big stages is totally overwhelming. I guess you can also see that on our videoclip we’ve shot during the Zwarte Cross




Let’s just hope that 2012 will bring Izegrim to some more festivals like the Zwarte Cross and Alcatraz !

Besides touring and promoting the new album “Code of Consequences”, what else is down the pipeline for Izegrim?
Gigs, interviews, gigs, party, gigs, visiting other bands, getting drunk…. Haha.

No, seriously, we are shooting a new videoclip for the opening-track on the cd (“Victim of Honor”). This will all take place in December and January. Currently we’re also working on new material. There are no plans to release a new cd yet, but we have to keep the train rolling with new material.

You do an excellent job on guitar. Which equipment do you use and when started you to play?
Both Bart and I use the same equipment. For guitars we use Dutch brand Bo~el ( We use the 7-string from his MC-collection, the MC-7 to be more precisely. A few months ago we’ve got an endorsement with Koch, a Dutch company that builds top-of –the-bill amps. When did I start to play guitar ? That must have been like.. erm.. some 20 years ago ??


Which band did your heart for metal start pumping ?
Oh wow, that’s a long time ago, haha !! Let me think: that might have been Europe (how true is that !), Venom, House of Lords, Helloween, Laaz Rockit, Exodus, Metal Church. Think that sums it all up.

Izegrim is often compared to Arch Enemy because of the female grunt. How do you look at this point made? Don't ya ever get tired of it?

In metal people always tend to compare bands, instead of describing the music. One can always find musical correspondences when comparing 2 bands within the same genre. We’re getting compared to Arch Enemy very often. I don’t have a problem with it, when it’s based on the music. Sure, there are some similarities when listening to the voices of Marloes and Angela. But then again: how many male vocalists do sound the same, yet nobody complains about that. We’ve used female grunts since the start of Izegrim in 1996, for us it’s nothing new, nor something we try to ‘copy’ from Arch Enemy. It’s kind of silly that we aren’t compared to ANY other band than just Arch Enemy, that’s getting kind of predictable. Some people say that some parts remind them of Carcass or even Bolt Thrower, just to name a few.


Besides performing is see you attending a lot of concerts. Is it safe to say you live and breathe Metal?
Yup! It’s not that I have every album of every band at home, no way. But, if we don’t have a gig with Izegrim, you certainly can expect us at some concert indeed.

The Dutch Metalscene is quite a close group here in Holland and often feels like one big happy family. How do you experience the Dutch Metal scene?
Hehe, you always see the same faces, so you could say it’s family-alike. It’s also getting quite boring to see the same ugly faces over and over again, haha ! No, just kidding.

Thanks for your time!
Is there anything you wish to share with our reader besides they MUST buy the CD?
They MUST attend our shows and drink some beers and whisky with us, that isn’t too bad, right ?


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