Led by frontman Rob Carlyle on vocals and rhythm guitar, The Compulsions have until recently been a rotating line up of heavyweight rock ‘n’ roll talent, including members of The Patti Smith Group and Howlin’ Wolf/Muddy Waters band. At present, Carlyle has found a steady onstage groove with Guns N' Roses players Frank Ferrer on drums and Richard Fortus on lead guitar, who’ve both appeared on many Compulsions recordings, as well as New York Dolls/ex-Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa. After several EP's and singles the New York based Compulsions strike back with their first full-length album, entitled “Beat The Devil”.

The Compulsions is:

  • Rob Carlyle – vocals & rhythm guitar
  • Frank “Thunderchucker” Ferrer – drums
  • Richard Fortus – lead guitar
  • Sami Yaffa – bass


  • Hubert Sumlin - guitar on "Shut Yer Hole" 




Opener “Hired Gun” can be described as 70’s rock with a punky edge! The vocals have a sleazy aftertaste so an obvious comparison with The New York Dolls comes to mind. The song structure is kept simple but we’re treated with a real guitar explosion at the end. The speed shift up a few gears during the short “I Just Wanna Play Guitar”. This song surely gets the party started and you’ll start shakin’ with all available body parts when listening to this fast track. Effects on the vocals and the country rock style of guitar work hits your inner ear on the seductive “Dirty Woman Blues”. The guitars in the break will put an instant smile again on your face. It’s all love and peace when “Yer Too Good  Fa Me” starts! The guitar slowly works itself more in the picture on this long hypersensitive ballad. “Eat My Dust” is a short burst of adrenaline pumping ballsy guitar work with some crazy vocals and pounding drums.

“Ea$y Money” is the second ballad on the album. This one has a bluesy, mellow touch and some sleazy guitars will stick their head up. “Ya Never Got me Down” somehow reminds me a bit of the Black Crowes and you can’t stop stomping your feet to the beat! “She’s So Fuckin' Sexy” is a combination of dance keys, sleazy dirty vocals and an occasional guitar riff. The freaky solo spot gives this weird rather funky song an extra dimension. The groovy “I Was Right, You Were Wrong” contains some spicy riffs and has a true sing-a-long chorus. We visit an old cowboy ranch during the six minutes long “Shut Yer Hole”. The sound is even enhanced with some western inspired melodica. When you close your eyes, you’ll see the mounted bad ass cowboys pass before your eyes! Isn’t it strange what good music can do to you! So shut her hole and give this platter another spin and crack it up!

Don’t expect tons of riffs and complex songs, because this album will bring you back to a time when making music was fun. The raw rock with references to sleaze and post punk will certainly light up your day. Besides the catchy build up of the songs, you’ll discover some excellent guitar work on it! And the vocals from Rob just smell like Rock N' Roll….so gimme, gimme, gimme more!!

A must buy for lovers of sleaze rock and fans of New York Dolls, Guns N' Roses and old school giants like the Rolling Stones.

Track list:

  1. Hired Gun
  2. I Just Wanna Play Guitar
  3. Dirty Woman Blues
  4. Yer Too Good Fa Me
  5. Eat My Dust
  6. Ea$y Money
  7. Ya Never Got Me Down
  8. She’s So F****n' Sexy
  9. I Was Right, You Were Wrong
  10. Shut Yer Hole {feat. Hubert Sumlin}

Score: 3,50 out of 5


Written by Rik Bauters

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