Already formed in the mid-90's in Cologne, in their 15-year long carrier the quartet has released some demos and three full-lenghts, which had been put out between 2001 and 2006. Gigs together with Annihilator, Tankard and Kreator have been played so far. “Chapter IV” is the first album, which appears through Pure Legend Records.

Wolfen  is:

  • Frank J. Noras – guitar, backing vocals
  • Andreas von Lipinski – bass, vocals
  • Björn Grüne – gitaar
  • Holger Bloempott - drums



Howling wolfs can be heard accompanied by marching drums. After one minute the thrash riffs and hard hitting drums crack your brain. Besides the typical furious thrash riffs, you also will discover more melodic riffs during opener “Revolution / Evolution”. “D.F.A.I.T.” starts with threatening riffs but goes further in a more power metal way! The instrumental breaks holds some very melodic guitar work. “The One” can be described as melodic thrash with some progressive influences. Even subtle metal core parts can be heard in the middle.  “Nefilim” is fast played thrash in it’s purest format with raw sounding vocals. Later on you’ll discover some doom inspired parts. The calm returns with the balladesque “Hole In The Sky”. But after a while the guitars take over and bring the power back in the song. The vocals in those soft parts sound a bit flat and lack of power. “I Am I” is luckily more up-tempo! The pounding drums and the rolling riffs are the main attraction here. The chorus has a more commercial feel!

“Dolor Mundis” is a powerballad and again the voice in the more sensitive and higher regions aren’t top notch! “Unbroken” is a furious and fast thrasher, an interface from early Slayer, Pantera and even Helloween comes to mind. “Birmingham 6” is a duet between Andreas and female singer Verena-Alexandra Große-Kathöfer. Alexa is a friend from the band and was willing to help the guys. The song is more in the vein of melodic rock with a powerful chorus. “Soul Collector” starts acoustic with sensitive vocals. But the ballad sound is pushed aside by some soaring, screaming guitars. The vocals are a combination of rough growls and powerful clean-vocals. But the angry guitar is a lust for the ear. We enter the doom world again with “White Chapel”. Then a drum sequence sounds a lot like the opening from Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil”. But  galloping guitars bring speed and a link with Slayer can be heard here. Squeaking guitars and a brilliant solo make this long song the highlight of the album. The riff dominated “Demons” closes this decent German album.

This fourth chapter from German metal heads Wolfen is packed with powerful thrash tracks. They incorporate influences from many kinds of metal into their songs. This makes that the album has the necessary variety. A little minor is the fact that the vocals on the more sensitive songs lack a bit of power. But the other tracks have power in abundance!


  1. Revolution / Evolution   (5.13)
  2. D.F.A.I.T.   (4.43)
  3. The One   (5.59)
  4. Nefilim   (5.29)
  5. Hole In The Sky   (5.29)
  6. I Am I   (4.30)
  7. Dolor Mundis   (6.17)
  8. Unbroken   (4.13)
  9. Birmingham   (5.49)
  10. Soul Collector   (4.57)
  11. White Chapel   (7.26)
  12. Demons   (6.50) 

score: 3 out of 5





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