As one of the employees from I hear a lot of music. But a couple of months ago I heard something that made me got an appetite. And if I got and appetite I want more! So I searched the internet to find more and  I found more and got really hungry. Then came “Beat The Devil”, so of course I had to buy that CD and it didn't disappointed me. On the contrary, I loved it! So time to ask Rob Carlyle from The Compulsions some questions by email:


(photo by Jerry Vasilatos) 

Hi Rob, can you introduce The Compulsions to our readers?
The Compulsions is Richard Fortus on guitar, Sami Yaffa on bass, Frank Ferrer on drums and me on vocal and guitar.

The Compulsions make no bullshit Rock N' Roll, from where came this passion?
I started the band so I guess it’s an extension of my personality. I’m a real straight shooter and I try to surround myself with people who are the same way.

The album Beat The Devil is a great record how is it received so far ?
Thanks for the compliment. Reviews have started coming in and quotes from the press include “the best rock band New York City has seen since Johnny Thunders,” “a must buy for fans of The New York Dolls, Guns N’ Roses and The Rolling Stones” and “the one true hope New York City has of reclaiming its rock ‘n’ roll glory.” So I’d say we’re off to a good start. You can find links to these articles and many others on The Compulsions’ Facebook page.

The Compulsions seems to be a gang of musicians who combine their passion for rock music. How does the writing process go with this group?
Basically, I write on the couch with an acoustic guitar and a tape recorder. Then I’ll have one or two pre-production meetings with [co-producers] Hugh [Pool] and Ken [Rich] where we develop the ideas a little further before sending rough demos to the band. Then we all work on the tracks together in the recording studio, building them up and perfecting them until they’re done.


(photo by John Miller) 

The lyrics are quit funny, where do you get your inspiration from?
Life can be pretty messed up sometimes but you have to laugh every once in a while otherwise you’ll go crazy.

How did the recording go? Because Richard and Frank where busy touring.
We work really fast, so whenever they had a little downtime, we just got it done.

On the record the late Hubert Sumlin (Howlin' Wolf/Muddy Waters) played on the song “Shut Yer Hole”, he did a great job on that as I may say, how was it to work which such a legend?
Hubert was amazing. Lots of style and a great sense of humor. He came in, we played him the track and he just started playing these incredible licks and bends. He wasn’t phased at all by the raunchy lyrics. As a matter of fact, at one point he stopped to read the lyric sheet and joked “I’ve been trying to say this for years!”


( photo by Roderick Angle)  

What I personally want to know from the first time I heard “Shut Yer Hole” , love the song, who's playing the harmonica?
Thanks. That’s Hugh, one of the producers I mentioned earlier. Yeah, he did a great job.

The Compulsions are offering “Ea$y Money” as a free download on your facebook, in Holland we're having BREIN a foundation who wants to shut down free downloads (starting with piratebay) through court for the Dutch people, what do you think about that?
It should be up to each individual artist whether or not they want to make their music available for free. The Compulsions give away tracks online from time to time because when people love the free download, they usually come back and buy everything.

Last week you had a sold out gig @ The Mercury Lounge, tell us all about it!
It was a lot of fun. Fans flew all the way in from Mississippi and Tennessee and one couple drove in from New Hampshire for their second Compulsions show. Like you said, the gig was sold out and I hear a lot of people were unfortunately turned away at the door. People took tons of photos of us on stage that night. You can see most of the shots on our Facebook page. We’ve got to be one of the most photographed bands in New York. I’ve never signed so many autographs or taken so many pictures with fans after a show. It was a  huge honor. We hadn’t played together for nine months but I got a lot of compliments on how tight the band was and that we sounded just like the record. The promoters are already talking about moving us into a bigger venue.

When is the next gig? I mean GN'R just announced a little club tour in America and also some European gigs, but there's probably coming more, is there a possibility we can see The Compusions playing in Europe  in between those GN'R gigs or maybe as a support? If not The Compulsions are on a hold then?
European festivals have been asking us to play so hopefully we can work out our schedules and come there this summer.

Is there a change of seeing the Compulsions live in Holland in the nearby future?
I hope so.


Besides promoting Beat the Devil and the live-shows what else is down the pipe line for The Compulsions?
That’s all I can reveal right now but we’ll definitely keep everyone posted.

Which band or artist made you decide to become a musician?
I’ve been a huge music fan since I was a little kid but it was seeing [The Rolling Stones concert film] “Let’s Spend The Night Together” at about the age of 12 or 13 that made me want to play guitar. Up until that point, I’d only heard the Stones on record but when I saw Keith [Richards] and Ronnie [Wood] in action, it looked like the most fun job in the world.

Besides being a musician what else keeps you busy?
These days, I’ve mostly been busy buying new furniture for my apartment. I know that doesn’t sound too exciting but I’m actually having a blast.

Thank you for your time, as a last question: do you have anything to say to our readers?
My pleasure Kiki, thank you for the great questions. I’d like to say thanks to everyone out there for all your love and support. The more interest we get from the fans, the more likely we’ll be able to get on the road and play your town. So again, thanks a million and hope to see you all very soon.

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