The band was formed in 2001 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The band starts to play the local clubs on a regular basis. But things get really started when the band is asked as supporting act for the American legends Jag Panzer in Sofia. The band got some excellent reviews in the media. In late 2007 Krossfire recorded “Angels Cry” and soon “Touch Of Destiny” followed. That song got chosen to be included on a compilation CD of the German magazine “Heavy”. Finally Krossfire recorded its first album “Learning To Fly” and it is being released by Pure Steel Records.

Krossfire  is:

•    Dimo Petkov – vocals
•    Georgi Koushev – guitars
•    Georgi Driev – bass
•    Peter Boshnakov – keyboards
•    Spas Markov – drums


This album starts with a 3 minute long orchestral bombastic intro, which made you believe you’re gonna hear some kind of neoclassical gothic metal. But when the wall of riffs from “Warmachine” hit your ears you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Very well produced powermetal fills the room with powerful and clean vocals from Dimo. Keys play an important role in the sound and this is well demonstrated in the instrumental break, which also holds a shredding solo! “How Can There Be…,” is build up with that same recipe but the speed shifts a gear higher. The tittle track has a more progmetal approach with neoclassical metal inspired keys and double bass drumming. In the break you’ll hear some piano pass by. “Touch Of Destiny” brings peace and quiet with organ sounds. But  speeding riffs in the vein of US metallers Exxplorer awakes you from your dream. This track has some Dream Theater ingredients, a Savatage piano and light orchestration in the break is accompanied with some surprisingly fresh sounding happy keystrokes. “False Reality” slowly builds up to a powerful metal track with minor vocal effects and classical inspired keys. The catchy vocals in the chorus are the cherry on the pie! “Angels Cry” starts with orchestration and semi-acoustic guitars, but soon galloping riffs and the dominant keys take over the wheel and this trip offers a great musical adventure! The vocal effects in the intro from the slow-fast “Cold Winds” stand in big contrast with the shredding guitar solo and this track also shows neoclassical interfaces. The album closes with the ballad “The One”. In this acoustical sensitive song we hear the sweet voice of a female guest singer Violeta Kousheva. This song makes a smooth end to a powerful album.


Once again an unknown band has put out a great album, filled with divers power metal. The great input of the keyboards to the sound makes that the band is not to be classified as standard power metal. Together with the keys the proggy touch to the songs takes it all a level higher. A more then welcome release to the great power metal genre!


  1. Visions   (2.54)
  2. Warmachine   (6.03)
  3. How Can There Be…?   (4.26)
  4. Icaria   (2.05)
  5. Learning To Fly   (5.42)
  6. Touch Of Destiny   (6.06)
  7. False Reality   (5.28)
  8. Angels Cry   (5.31)
  9. Cold Winds   (4.25)
  10. The One   (5.12)
score: 3,75 out of 5


Written by Rik Bauters

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