Met de release van het nieuwe album 10-2-2012 en de daar bijhorende tour leek het livereviewer een goed plan om Eluveitie wat vragen te stellen. Päde Kistler kon een moment voor ons vrij maken om enkele vragen te beantwoorden:





1.      First of all, thank you for your time and effort. How are you?

You’re welcome and thank you for asking, we all are doing very well. We are on the road actually in Las Vegas/USA.

2.      You have a new album out now. Being released 10-2-2012. That’s exciting news. Can you describe this new work to our readers?

Well hard to describe because it’s all upon personal opinion and taste. Basically it is a concept album about the Gaulish wars. Of course we did songs about the Gaulish wars in the past. This time the whole album is based on that certain time period of the Gaulish history:

Helvetios" tells the harrowing chronic of the Gaulish war. But it's not just a chronological account of this terrible war, the album tells the story from the viewpoint of the Helvetians, a Celtic tribe. This wasn't a very simple task, since history is mostly written by those who triumphed in war which in this case was the Roman empire, Gaius Julius Caesar to be exact. Most of what we know about the Gaulish war nowadays stems from Caesar's transcripts and that these do not convey the full truth is pretty obvious and also confirmed by historians. His scripture "De Bello Gallico" is political propaganda for his benefit to a great extent in which home and family defending Gauls become "belligerent barbarians" and sheer genocide over Gaulish tribes become "glorious battles" that were fought by Roman legions "heroically to protect the Roman people."

So you can see it's not an easy undertaking to portray the Gaulish war as Helvetians (Gauls) would have. We still tried and cooperated with scientists to question historiography and let historical and archeological findings influence us in writing the album. But we also just let simple emotions and feelings speak by imagining what it really must have been like back then.


3.      What ‘s the difference compared to previous albums?

Hmm, hard to say. In my personal opinion it’s more diverse then “Everything remains”. There are songs where Anna is taking the lead vocals and some other songs have a slight trashy influence. The folk part of our music is even better embedded into the music then it was before. But as I mentioned before, that is just my personal opinion. Every person should and will have it’s own opinions on that album anyway.

4.      What inspired you during the making of this album?

Simply the life and all the related facets.

5.      During listening to the album I’ve noticed there are a lot of variations in your sound. But it seems to swing mostly to the side of death metal.  I was wondering why you chose for this way of making folk metal?

I must disagree to that. The folky parts are there as much as they were on “Everything” but as I said above it’s more embedded and therefore not as much in the foreground. Of course it is done by mixing the folk instruments in a different way than we did before. Even for me as a folk musician it sounds more fusioned. I think now we accomplished to integrate folk and metal music into a unique and equal entity.

6.      I’ve also noticed all of you play so many different instruments. What is your all time favorite instrument to play?

Well that depends on my mood and place. The bagpipe is definitively my favorite instrument to play back home. I recently ordered a hurdy gurdy and I’m looking forward to get that awesome Instrument. I always wanted to play that one but it was not affordable in the past. I also like to play guitar and dommel (which is a dulcimer but playable like a guitar).

7.      Can you describe the experience of a live concert of Eluveitie?

That is a very hard question. The experience is different on each show. Sometimes I feel very comfortable sometimes shy. I would say on a concert different moods from pleasure to anger, from suffering to enthusiasm can come over me. The experiences also differ from crowd to crowd and also from my daily mood in general.


8.      And is there a chance you will also tour through the Netherlands anytime soon?

Well we will headline Paganfest 2012 and perform in Tilburg 18.3.2012 and in Haarlem 28.3.2012. As far as I know those are the only confirmed shows in the Netherlands for this year so far.

9.      Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

First of all my appreciation goes to all the people who supported us during the last years. All I can experience would not be possible without you girls and guys – thank you very much from all my heart. Furthermore I wish everyone out there all the best and never give up hope, go your way and enjoy life as much as possible. See you around…



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