In July 2008, Kissin’ Dynamite´s "Steel Of Swabia” was released; a debut album of teenagers with their singer being just 16 years old! What puzzled everyone though was how much this "teen band" rocked; just as good as the greats:
Mötley Crue, Whitesnake, AC / DC, Guns N' Roses! No wonder this first-classdebut album was released on the major label EMI! The quality of this young group was only too obvious. And also so enjoyable was that the prominence of metal was so thrilled as well, so in fact legendary Udo Dirkschneider (ex- Accept/U.D.O.) contributed vocals to the title track of the second Kissin’ Dynamite album "Addicted To Metal" in 2010. And that album then again received great reviews and helped to establish and refine the thunderous Kissin’ Dynamite sound. With "Money, Sex & Power" Kissin’ Dynamite now come up with the 3rd chapter in their history!

Kissin’ Dynamite is:

  • Hannes Braun – vocals
  • Jim Müller – guitar
  • Ande Braun – guitar
  • Steffen Haile – bass
  • Andreas Schnitzer – drums



The title track immediately gives you a kick in the butt. Especially the vocals from Hannes sound rawer then ever. The guy has certainly grown some balls since the last album (LOL)! But don’t worry; he still can climb in the high notes! The song demonstrates perfectly what this band is all about. I saw this band perform for the first time in Belgium in 2009. They where programmed between thrash bands, but they won me over with their explosive show, power and stage performance. And “Money, Sex & Power” is just what you get during the opener. “I Will Be King” has a more commercial and sing along chorus. The Manowar style shouting of “Hail, hail,..hail to the King” shows once again the sense of humor from these German youngsters. The two axe man on duty Jim ‘Hair dude’ Müller and Ande “Mr. Tiger pants” Braun always show off their excellent guitar work in the songs and the solo spot in the party rocker “Sex Is War” is a fine example of that catchy as hell shred work!

The opening sentence from “Club 25”: ‘Forever 27…that’s the age we gonna die! Let’s crank it up in heaven, we’ll make the angels cry’ is another hilarious lyrical moment! These guys never wanna grow old and stay young forever. Believe me, I know what their talking about! The party metal from The Poodles comes to mind during this fun track. When Hannes also throw in the following: ‘Come on Jimmy beam me up, welcome to the club’ I almost have the giggles when I heard it for the first time! Stop it guys, you’re killing me!! The following track “Dinosaurs Are Still Alive” is an ode to Kissin’ Dynamite’s Metal Gods! Song titles from well known metal hymns pass by! We can hear: Hell’s Bells – Kickstart My Heart – Paradise City – Fear Of  The Dark – Fast As A Shark! I couldn’t agree more with the guys! The classic metal tracks will never die! The talkbox is introduced during the naughty “She’s A Killer”. When you hear Hannes shout ‘scratch me, bite me, kill me’ you’re fantasy will take you on a ride!! “Sleaze Deluxe” is a real sing-along track. This will no doubt get the audience going during a live show. The humor knows his climax during the album closer “Six Feet Under”. This hugely happy song describes the feelings and emotions that a dead guy experiences lying dead in his grave! The bluesy guitar and the vocal melodies from Hannes force your head to knob to the rhythm.      

The third album is always a difficult one to make, according to many music critics! It’s the one where the success continues or things started to go downhill! But rest assure, these German youngsters are delivering the goods! This metal party kicks off with that smashing title track and ends with the album closer “Six Feet Under”. A must have for lovers of great no nonsense 80’s metal. Their hilarious image and attitude helps the band to stand out of the crowd! I just can’t wait to see them back on stage again!! These album will bring the guys tons of money, sex & power!! So, I hope! Hail, hail, hail to Kissin’ Dynamite with their Steel of Swabia!


  1. Money, Sex & Power
  2. I Will Be King
  3. Operation Supernova
  4. Sex Is War
  5. Club 25
  6. Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
  7. She’s A Killer
  8. Sleaze Deluxe
  9. Ego-Shooter
  10. Six Feet Under


 Geschreven door Rik Bauters

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